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Sassa Fri 11-Jan-08 14:37:25

Interested to hear if anyone's kids got into the Habs pre-pre kingfishers. I want my son to get in. What's the assessment procedure and do you advise that I put him in a nursery to prepare him instead of him being with our nanny? The admissions officer said nursery kids are better prepared for the assessment. I'm in st albans.

Thanks advice is appreciated

SaveScrabulous Thu 17-Jan-08 20:40:46

I replied to your other post. I imagine that nursery kids would be more comfortable and familiar with the sort of environment in the assessment.

However I'd only change his childcare if it is an equally good option for you and him in other ways, not just to prepare him for one assessment. I mean what if he doesn't get in anyway? You'd be even more disappointed if you'd changed all his childcare just for that reason.

neilnmum Tue 31-Jul-12 09:42:11

New to mumsnet. I am also looking for some help on assessment for Habs pre-prep. My 5 year old son has been to a nursery since he was 2 years old and attending reception at a Montessori school. Is there anything in particular I should be doing? His current school has very informal way of teaching and no homework is given. I am just clueless at what they (Habs) might be looking in kids at this age.
Any advice is appreciated.


mumofthreeboys3 Tue 05-Nov-13 13:03:47

my son is 4 and a half and wanting to sit him for the habs 5+ assessment in feb next year - hes currently at a preprep in north london but having been through the 7+ with my older child would rather not if we don't have to! Can anyone give me a tips as to what they would be doing on the day?

thanks in advance!

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