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snowman212 Sun 28-Mar-21 23:38:05

I wasn't sure which thread to use, so sorry if not relevant
Was just wondering how much screen time your toddler has?
Mine is between 0-3.5 a day, I'd say 2 hrs a day on average.
I'm not happy with this, but when I need a quiet time or get things done I resort to this.
90% of the time I'm the one looking after dc. She is 2 and doesn't go to nursery yet, I'm a SAHM. We do go out and play outdoors 1-4 hrs a day, average 2 hrs

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Cormoran Mon 29-Mar-21 04:51:37

Not all screens are equal. The worst are hand held devices such as iPad and phones as they affect attention and creativity in a more negative way.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Mon 29-Mar-21 05:21:19

Probably about the same on a regular day’s- probably a bit more this wkend as the baby has a cold and I stuck on Trolls for my 3yr old (hopefully less when we can venture out more). I like CBeebies mainly, on the tv (not iPad) so we can watch and chat about it. I don’t think it does any harm when combined with lots of other activities, time outside and general adult engagement.

snowman212 Mon 29-Mar-21 22:29:37

Thanks for your replies. Yes she watches it from TV, if it's phone then it's only for a few mins.
I try to describe to her what we see on TV if I'm in the room (sometimes I'm in the kitchen, but can hear her).

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Findahouse21 Mon 29-Mar-21 22:32:28

When dd was that age, I tired to do structured activities with her during school type hours (9-4) so avoided screens during those times. Outside of those she was allowed TV as she wanted - I wouldn't have let her have it on from 4 til bedtime, but she's always been quite good at self regulating. No other screens allowed until much older.

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