Day nursery or preschool at nursery school?

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happymummy12345 Wed 03-Mar-21 17:50:25

Was different for me because we didn't send one son to nursery for childcare purposes, we done it because the health visitor advised it so he could interact with other children (he had no other opportunities to do this within the family).
He went to a private day nursery, he started 4 months after he turned 2. He went 2 mornings a week. He loved it and benefited so much. It was a brilliant nursery. He stayed there until the august before the started school. So he finished nursery in august then started school in September.
His primary school doesn't have a pre nursery or a school nursery, it starts from reception.
It worked for us because we weren't paying. Though I can understand why you'd consider alternatives.

nomorespaghetti Wed 03-Mar-21 14:09:50

Definitely preschool attached to a school. I found the difference in the quality astounding.

Monika007 Wed 03-Mar-21 14:06:16

, I'd be glad if you can advise me. My almost 3 years old son is in a nursery 2 days per week. I'm going to change my job for term time only at school, 9- 3.30 but I will need to put him in the nursery for 5 days then. Even with the 30 hours free, it will still cost £200/week. I can apply for pre school at school nursery and move him there and obviously its free. I will need to find a childcare just to pick him up for about 1h. My biggest dilema is that he likes the nursery now and I worried it will be unnessesery stress for him, as he has settled well there. And I'm worried he is too small to go to the preschool at school. In the other hands the cost is still massive and it will be quit difficult for our budget. What will you do?

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