When do you find out about reception placements?

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Mybabysmylife Tue 02-Mar-21 17:48:01

I have seen normally it's 16th April but recently been told from some mothers at my old nursery that they have found out already.. online it says 16th April via email no later than the evening?

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Marmite27 Tue 02-Mar-21 17:49:57

It’s definitely April. Secondary school was this week. Do they have older children?

kittlesticks Tue 02-Mar-21 18:11:02

Just checked and ours is being very specific about it being the 16th of April

Dreamingofvenice Tue 02-Mar-21 18:12:44

I got my secondary school place for older DD yesterday. My younger DD is starting primary it's the 16th April for her. Have they applied to private schools?

Pinkflipflop85 Tue 02-Mar-21 18:12:54

It is 16th April. In some areas it isn't until late in the evening that day.

They are either confused or telling fibs.

kittlesticks Tue 02-Mar-21 18:13:35

Maybe they are going for a private school.

Combustablecustard Thu 04-Mar-21 22:04:41

Ours is 5pm on the 16th April....thats going to be a long day!

cabbageking Thu 04-Mar-21 22:15:41

Noddy day is April 16th which is a Friday.
Some LAs will post the letters out the day before and some on the 16th. So some parents may have to wait until the Thursday for the post.

You should be able to access online at midnight but often the site can't cope with the demand.

We only sorted the faith applications last week to go to the Council admissions. They are not ready to go out yet.

HolmeH Thu 04-Mar-21 22:21:08

Ours is 8.30am on 16th April. Are you sure the mums aren’t talking about high school places out this week?

Mybabysmylife Thu 04-Mar-21 22:22:17

@cabbageking ah right! I spoke to one of the schools today as the rung for some more information from me they said tommorow is the deadline they have to sort it all out for kids places. I did my admission online so I think I will get a email

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cabbageking Sat 06-Mar-21 18:08:38

They should not be ringing for more information.

You go on the info provided whether something has been missed or not.

Any errors / omissions are the parents problem.

Mybabysmylife Sat 06-Mar-21 20:13:53

@cabbageking they rung as my partner did the letter and ticked something that shouldn't of been ticked they was ringing to see if it was correct or not luckily I'm glad they did because the information he ticked did not apply to us.

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KingEmily Sun 07-Mar-21 17:13:01

Happy Sunday! Please I need your input.
Before the lockdown, I removed my 3years old from nursery as I noticed certain things when she returned home and she is yet to make a full sentence incase someone should do anything to her, the school called to check if she will be coming back this week and I said no kos I don’t feel she is safe there. I already got a place for her in a another nursery but I’m a bit worried that what happened at the old nursery might continue as I am a person of colour, (it only takes one phone call) Should I leave my child at her old nursery and hope they will do better or continue to the new nursery?
Thanks in advance

Mybabysmylife Sun 07-Mar-21 17:49:20

@KingEmily hey hun. I don't know if you ment to put this on my post of make your own either way there's not a problem. Me personally I have changed my daughter nursery's 3 times finally last one I went with a childminders I now have seen her at her happiest. She was very miserable in her first. Her second I wasn't fond of the teachers and there lack of enthusiasm when children arrived made me uneasy. I think you should change and see how your child reacts. My daughter did nothing but cry at her first nursery soon as she changed to a child minders she was a different child!

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Pinkflipflop85 Sun 07-Mar-21 19:12:41

@KingEmily you will get more responses starring your own thread in chat or childcare

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