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Firesidetreats1 Fri 12-Feb-21 12:32:33

My little boy is almost 20 months and up until now has been looked after by grand parents. Due to circumstances I may need to send him to nursery for a day a week. My questions is he doesn’t qualify for the free hours at nursery yet but when he does how does it work in terms of him potentially already going there?

Also how does anyone have any info on how they’re child found starting nursery? He was born in 2019 so not a lock down baby however he’s really spent most of his time with us or family members due to things being closed. He hasn’t had much socialisation with other children.

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Fireflies33 Fri 12-Feb-21 12:42:43

I think the more positive and confident you are the more he will see it as an exciting thing rather than something to worry about. Talk to him about it, show him pictures and settle him in gradually. You might have a tricky few weeks when he is settling but that is completely normal and he will get there.
You might need to be prepared to send him more than one day a week as most nurseries offer a minimum of two. This is not for money this is so the child feels part of the group and goes often enough to feel settled.
They will easily be able to switch over your hours to funded but make them aware of this now incase they have limited funded places. Good luck! X

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