FT or PT preschool place while on mat leave?

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Moo31 Thu 07-Jan-21 23:32:48

We are in Northern Ireland and the application process for Sept 2021 preschool intake has just opened. We are applying for DS who turned 3 in November.

I am due DC2 at end of June so will be on maternity leave for almost the full year while DS is at preschool.

The preschool nearest us has both full time (9am-1.30pm) and part time (either 9am - 11.30am or 12.30 - 3.30pm) places.

I know the full time places will be sought after so chances of getting one will be less than a part time one. If I wasn't going to be on maternity we would apply for full time as first choice and then pay for wrap around day care but since I will be on maternity leave I am considering putting part time as our first choice which would mean more time with DS and the opportunity for "days out" in the afternoon if we wanted.

Would appreciate advice if anyone has been in the same situation? Will I be grateful of the extra 2 hrs?! Or would I regret it?

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Lonoxo Wed 03-Mar-21 21:48:50

We applied for full time and stated if that’s not possible, mornings would be preferable. Thought they might feel mean turning down both preferences. Then it’s up to fate.

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