Is this illegal? - Part time Arabic teacher

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SarahShamsa Sun 29-Nov-20 23:06:58

Hi all

I recently moved to the UK from abroad and although I am originally from the UK, I haven't lived here for a long time so have many questions about motherhood here.
I have a 2.5 year old son whom I am teaching both English and Arabic. I'd like to hire an Arabic teacher to come to my home twice a week (post covid tier-restrictions and lockdowns) for 45-60 mins each time to teach my son Arabic, preferably someone who uses the method of "teaching through play" and can make the sessions as exciting/interesting as what you'd find in groups like Baby Sensory. No books nor writing, just playing and singing.
I was thinking of reaching out to some Arabic Saturday Schools to ask if any of the teachers wanted to do this for some part-time money. My question is - would it be illegal for someone, already employed, to take up this part-time casual work role as my son's teacher? I ask because in the country I was just living in, this was illegal, so I didn't want to break any laws here!
Thank you very much! smile

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wellingtonsandwaffles Sun 29-Nov-20 23:14:41

It would only be “illegal” if they didn’t tell HMRC about any additional earnings - lots of teachers tutor on the side though, perfectly legal!

RaininSummer Sun 29-Nov-20 23:15:57

Just a quick general. Answer. No it's not illegal to gave more than one job unless your main job specifically says that (unlikely). A lot of teachers tutor on the side but not normally for their own school's pupils.

SarahShamsa Mon 30-Nov-20 14:25:42

Thank you so much ladies for your prompt responses and putting me at ease! xx

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insancerre Sat 05-Dec-20 11:46:12

As others have said, no, it’s not illegal
But please don’t assume all posters here are women, there are plenty of men here too

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