Private 4 plus schools for boys and girls Hampstead area

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LittleMrsGems Wed 25-Nov-20 14:47:39

Hey everyone! I’d love your personal experiences of schools your children went to at 4 plus (we live in Hampstead garden suburb) so am particularly interested in local private schools- your children’s experience - what did you love about it / what’s not so good?
It’s impossible to visit schools for open days due to covid so personal experience is really invaluable to me when making a decision instead of a zoom open day which is a tad limited....
if you have an experience with the following please share... and any others I haven’t considered, I’m open to other options....

SHHS, St Christophers, Channing, Highgate, Devonshire House, St Margarets, The Hall, Arnold House, UCS, Hereward House, Hampstead Hill, Lyndhurst

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KatyRyan Sat 02-Jan-21 22:06:29

Is your child boy or girl?

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