Private Nurseries/preschools in Central London?

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Samesame26 Tue 17-Nov-20 14:19:26

We are new in London and looking for a private preschool for our 3 year old daughter. Mainly for her English. Education side is really not important. The only thing that matters is loving atmosphere without discipline and punishments (no time outs/chairs/ isolating etc) I would appreciate any suggestions. We live in W1

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PipaJJ Thu 10-Dec-20 15:01:21

Hi @Samesame26
Welcome to London smile
If you don't mind traveling a little - I would wholeheartedly recommend Heathside Prep. They are an Independent CoEd school in Hampstead Village. Very nurturing, giving all children the confidence to succeed and therefore make outstanding progress. Children play on the heath and have forest school from pre prep. The school starts from age 2 and children leave either at 7+, 11+, 13+ or 16.
Definitely worth a look! Good luck.

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