What do you wish you'd known before!? Advice on school selection in N London

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NoviceParenting2019 Wed 04-Nov-20 12:17:46

Hi all,

I live in N London near Muswell Hill and am keen to get any advice on the mammoth task of choosing a school route. I have two boys under 2 and think I would prefer the 7+ option (as I have heard 11+ is horrendous although not absolutely wedded to either option). I'm keen to get any recommendations as to the process/tips/what you wish you'd known.

In fantasy land, I would love both boys to go to Habs, but that's far too far off right now, but working backwards it would be great to hear what nursery/pre-prep schools would hold us in good standing for Habs.

Also keen to hear how far you would be willing to commute on the school run - N London traffic is awful!

Thanks in advance.

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LittleMrsGems Wed 25-Nov-20 14:32:56


I have a little girl (3) and son (15 months) both attend clowns nursery. It’s excellent.

Habs is very academic and won’t be fun if you don’t like sitting in traffic :-)

Have you considered the 4+ entry to schools? A lot of school have scrapped the 7+

For my son I’m considering UCS, Highgate, Devonshire house, The Hall & Arnold house - it’s super early days for applications but it’s vital at some to do this early!

I’m curious to know of anyone’s experiences with boys school and any advice/ tips with the selective private boy schools (particularly the ones I’ve mentioned) or perhaps any others you love which I haven’t heard of to really get a good insight to the school, with covid it’s impossible to attend an open day which is a very different experience to the virtual zoom ones we have attended!..

NoviceParenting2019 Wed 25-Nov-20 16:20:34

Hi, I have heard good things about Clowns Nursery!

Haven’t thought too hard about 4+ but it’s an option - we intend to move house at some point and just thought around the 7+ made sense.

Would you know which schools had dropped the 7+ as I’ve seen a fair few still advertised, but a lot can change before we get there. I also have twins so need to factor that into getting them into a 4+ intake given I know it can be spaced out between months and with priority going to alumni/siblings.

We are currently thinking Norfolk House and the Avenue from 3+.

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PipaJJ Thu 10-Dec-20 14:52:07

@NoviceParenting2019 - it is really tricky especially in NW London!
The Avenue is wonderful and Sarah the Head is really superb. They feed many of the excellent schools, Habs, Highgate, Heathside, the Hall.....all the 'H's!
Good luck.

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