Haberdashers’ Aske’s 5+ assessment

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Vdkm Tue 21-Jul-20 11:44:55

My son is due to sit for Habs 5+ assessment in Feb 2021. He is in a N London prep school for 7+, but I am looking to try 5+ first. Looking for some guidance from someone whose son is in the school - questions/ tasks they might be asked to do, outdoor/ indoor activities etc. I could find a couple of posts on mumsnet on this but nothing recent. Any help much appreciated. Thank you!

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mumteacher Sun 02-Aug-20 00:50:49

Happy to help if I can pm me if you wish.

NoviceParenting2019 Wed 04-Nov-20 11:58:31

Vdkm, I would be interested to hear anything you learnt.

I think I'd like my DS to try Habs at 7+ but we need to decide which pre-prep to apply for - any advice would be great.

Mumof2lilones Mon 08-Mar-21 19:31:08

Hi wondering if you have had the assessment? How was it. My son sitting his as well

Mummyoftwobeauts1980s Tue 23-Mar-21 20:26:55

Hello how did your sons find it? Mine got through to the second round and I think results day is tomorrow. Anyone know how many get through to round 2 and how many are offered places thereafter?

Vdkm Tue 23-Mar-21 21:04:41

Hi - i think there were around 60boys who sat for the 2nd round and they will chose around 36. Results are out tomorrow yes, fingers x !!!

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Mummyoftwobeauts1980s Tue 23-Mar-21 21:56:14

Yes that was my calculation too. Who knows what they even did?! Or what they look for?

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