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What to do??? Nursery dilema

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nospeak Mon 24-Sep-07 10:01:33

Ds (3.1) has been at a private nursery for a few mornings since the beginning of the year and is due to transfer to state nursery for 5 mornings in January.

I am really not sure whether to send him or not. The nursery he is due to start has an excellent OFSTED report and lovely atmosphere etc but I am just not sure whether ds is ready to do 5 mornings (9-1), I have asked if he can do less but it is not an option.

I am more than happy to keep him where he is as we really enjoy doing things and going places on the days that he is not at nursery but I am worried that if I keep him where he is he will miss out. My main concern is that all his little friends are moving up to the state nursery, one in particular he is very close to and I feel that I would be really mean to keep him from his friends especially as he skips into nursery asking for one friend every morning.

What do you think? Am I just being an over anxious mum worried about her pfb cutting the apron strings?

zubb Mon 24-Sep-07 10:03:55

seems strange that he has to do 5 mornings straight off.

Why do children move to the state nursery? Is it linked to the primary school?

nospeak Mon 24-Sep-07 10:05:25

Most children move because it is free and linked to the primary school but there is no guarantee that ds will get a place at the primary school as we are out of the catchment area so it just depends on how many people apply this year.

LizP Mon 24-Sep-07 10:18:34

The nursery will only get all the money if your son attends (or is registered to attend) for all 5 sessions. Since they aren't in a position to fill the days you don't want they would be running on a lower budget but with the same overheads (teacher + nursery nurse). Also they may find it harder to provide the nursery curriculum if your ds doesn't attend every day - since if one area was covered on a day he missed they would need to go over it with him on another day. The vast majority of children do 5 1/2 days no problem, you can always take the odd day off if he is over tired or for a special outing or you can keep him where he is until reception.

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