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Starting pre-school

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Helennn Sun 02-Sep-07 17:09:55

My dd stars pre-school this week. This is 3ys 2 months and is very shy. She is fine with people when she knows them but takes some warming up ifkwim! What do you think the best way of getting her started is? I did plan to stay with her for as long as it takes, but recently on here I have come across advice saying they get used to it quicker if you leave them quite soon. I would never want her to be unhappy there but think it may be better in the long run if I just leave her to it.

Any advice appreciated

louloutoo Sun 02-Sep-07 19:33:12

I've a very nervous little girl. She's now just four and about to start school and really looking forward too it. I just left her and she's been fine. I'm also a teacher and i know from experience that once the parents go the children relax and enjoy themselves. Even those that scream when they're dropped off and collected. Hope this helps.


Niecie Sun 02-Sep-07 19:35:43

My DS2 started pre-school this time last year and despite being loud and open with people he knows, he is very shy with people he doesn't so I know where you are coming from.

I was advised to just hand him over, say goodbye and go and actually he was fine with no tears. So long as your DD knows where she is going and what she is going to do and that she is reassured that you are coming back I am sure that she will be fine too. She may well cry but the teachers always say that it stops in most cases as soon as you are gone.

I had planned to stay with DS1 when he started nursery but they kicked me out which was a bit of a shock. He cried but he got over it pretty quickly. However, I would say of the two boys he was the least shy so I am not sure shyness is necessarily be the cause of the crying.

Even if she cries this week I am sure that in a few weeks time she will be running through the door without a backward glance to her poor mum! And don't forget the teachers are very used to settling new children so take the lead from them.

Good luck to your both.

Helennn Mon 03-Sep-07 19:59:28

Thank you both, sorry I haven't replied before.

My dd is not due to start until Friday, (thought it was tomorrow, blush, so will have a quick chat with the staff first. I thought I was being kinder staying with her until she is happy and confident, but realise this may never happen if I do stay.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Niecie Mon 03-Sep-07 21:03:31

I wouldn't worry about it. I had to phone a friend yesterday evening as I suddenly had doubts about whether DS should be going to school today or tomorrow as I had originally thought. Thankfully it was tomorrow or it would have become complete chaos round here as nothing was ready.

Good idea talking to the teachers though. They'll know what to do.

Good luck again.

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