Woking private schools- choice btw Greenfield and Hoebridge

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rumi786 Fri 22-Jan-21 16:52:46

Hello, wondering if you don't mind sharing which school you decided, we are in the process of looking at private schooling in woking for our little boy.

Yurona Thu 30-Jan-20 20:30:35

I have a child at greenfield in the moment - let me know if you need more information

ACG22 Mon 28-Oct-19 22:36:35

Hoebridge has historically been perceived as a more academic and what might be called a slightly more traditional public school based on conversations with and knowing parents from both schools. Greenfield has recently moved site and has become a much larger school with a mix of children from what was formerly known as ISL (international school) joining and other state/private schools in the area i.e. it's now quite a diverse school with a range of pupil abilities and backgrounds. As a former Greenfield parent, I am receiving mixed reviews about the success of the recent move - I guess these things will always be family/case by case child dependent. The Head teacher of Greenfield was not very hands on/visible in terms of day to day school life from our experience. I'd also say Communication between school and parents was generally quite poor. Class sizes were also quite big relative to other local private schools - up to 26 in some years though I understand are currently smaller again under the new school setting. Your decision will need to be based on what you think is best for your child. Good luck with your decision!

Nikkirian Sun 29-Sep-19 13:13:53

Hello all,
I’m trying to decide whether to send my boy to either Hoebridge or Greenfield school in Woking. Does anyone have any advice / comments on either of these schools?

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