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Tell me all about pre-school committees

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NearlyHeddaslessNick Sat 14-Jul-07 11:18:11

My friend and I are thinking of joining the committee of our pre-school. I've just read a few threads regarding them and it sounds like some people regret joining.

So instead of jumping straight in and joining up I wanted to find out people's views on joining/not joining and why.


eandh Sat 14-Jul-07 16:38:57

I am 'the friend' and we'd love to know what we may be letting ourselves in for, does anyone have any experiences?

NearlyHeddaslessNick Sat 14-Jul-07 16:42:57

PMSL, the ' ' around friends means we are not actually friends!!!!!!!!

eandh Sat 14-Jul-07 18:48:16

oops sorry of course we are friends (who else could i go to bingo with????) no one wants to answer us

throckenholt Sat 14-Jul-07 18:50:30

they can be a nightmare - but they can also be great fun - and they really do need you.

You can do anything from be chair to just a committee member who is happy to man a stall at the school fete - and anything in between.

But generally - the more people on the committee the easier it is for everyone.

So give it a go - you can always resign if you can't cope.

NearlyHeddaslessNick Sat 14-Jul-07 20:45:58

thanks throckenholt. I think i'm gonna sign up. I'm sure i'll have something to contribute Will mention it to someone next week

lljkk Sat 14-Jul-07 20:56:25

If lots of people joined it wouldn't be such a slog for the few (as it often is), leading to the common regrets.

I just think it's a duty, committee-run preschools only function if parents help out -- providing relatively bargain price preschool education. And even a little help is always appreciated, can really lighten the load for others.

NearlyHeddaslessNick Sat 14-Jul-07 21:01:20

TBH dd joined the preschool in jan and no-one's even mentioned the committee to me. Surely they should write to every new parent. How can they expect to get new members if no-one knows anything about it

It will be one of my first suggestions

lljkk Sat 14-Jul-07 21:05:05

Evidence of the fact we're a bunch of untrained amateurs, NHN! Offer yourself as assistant secretary, willing to write half-termly newsletters to parents (conferring with chair and/or current secretary, of course).

If the current committee doesn't bite your hand off with that offer, they're a bunch of fools....

eandh Sat 14-Jul-07 21:05:41

I'll be there with my folders/pens and I'll be dying to do something organisational

NearlyHeddaslessNick Sat 14-Jul-07 21:10:12

We shall sign up then and see what we can offer. I guess fresh people is always good as you get new ideas etc from them

NearlyHeddaslessNick Sat 14-Jul-07 21:12:59

lljkk wasn't meant to sound mean. Just thought it common sense to catch newbies as they join

lljkk Sat 14-Jul-07 21:34:17

No offense taken NHN -- your plan is on my agenda for September -- that and recruiting a new secretary, who might actually think of such things themselves, too.

Most committees run by seat of their pants, try to go in with a sense of humour.

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