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Teaching style...what do you think?

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bozzy Tue 10-Jul-07 14:00:24

My DS has been at a new nursery since moving to Gibraltar last year. His teacher is lovely but she said that he often wouldn't sit down with the other children so she wouldn't force it. (I think he now has a reputation as the naughty boy but he is so well behaved at home!) DS will be 4 in august - whilst I partly agree with the philosophy as he is still young, do you think the children should be taught to sit when told? I'm sure he was at his nursery in London. I am trying to get him deferred a year from school as he has trouble communicating with others (very bright and good natured) but not ready. My main worry now is that I have received a letter from the nursery to back up by request for deferral, saying the following:
1. Does not pay attention (listen) to instructions 50% or more of the time
2. Has difficulty following verbal directions, it is often necessary to repeat instructions
3. Cannot attend to auditory stimuli for more than a few seconds
4. Has a short attention span
5. Daydreams, attention drifts
6. Easily distracted by background noise
7. Has Observations:
'startle' response to sudden sound and movement
8. Constant humming or audible self talk
9. Needs frequent 'quiet' time to regain mental energy and composure
10.Has a language problem (morphology, syntax, vocabulary, phonology)
11.Has an articulation (phonology) problem

I am trying to figure out whether this is due to a) the move, b) the nursery or c) his speech difficulty.

He has great vocab and is really starting to form sentences etc. He can ask for things now etc but won't really hold a conversation.

Any advice???

loubes28 Tue 10-Jul-07 20:14:21

Get him referred for speech therapy asap-it really works.The therapist will assess him .They have enormous experience of all types of problems.

bozzy Tue 10-Jul-07 21:48:25

thanks - we are trying to source one in Gib...otherwise we may make a trip to the UK! I think it will give us some comfort seeing a ST.

loubes28 Wed 11-Jul-07 06:56:21

I found that fish oils have made a difference-may take a month or two.I also got a book about helping your child to speak from the library-it had loads of good ideas.I have also cleaned up my child's diet-no artificial sweeteners etc.He is now a different boy-Good Luck

bozzy Wed 11-Jul-07 11:28:17

Loubes28, I have just started my DS on the fish oil soft pastilles which he does like - he used to have capsules in his juice when he was very young. I agree about the sweeteners etc - he went a bit strange the other night - I have given him some choc buttons as he was falling asleep at table - he had been swimming and had a bath and then his food - last time after going into such a deep sleep he woke up at 2am! He had choc buttons occasionally and it hasn't seemed to affect him but I am going to cut those out too - thanks for your posting - good to hear that this type of thing does help - he has never had a lot of sweet things although it is slowly increasing...

bozzy Wed 11-Jul-07 11:29:10

i have sent away for some book on Amazon - if you know of any, please let me know - the books in Gib are few and far between!

loubes28 Sun 15-Jul-07 22:16:24

A very good book I borrowed from the library was called "Learning to talk,talking to learn".Unfortunately I can't remember the names of the joint authors-Hope that helps.

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