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Chairs & Committee Members: Who's quitting this year?

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TheDuchessOfNorks Wed 04-Jul-07 20:35:10

and what have you achieved and failed at?

I've managed to get everything done, and on time. But I've failed to make parents & committee more positive about fundraising. I've managed to get brilliant support from local businesses for some fundraising events but disappointing response from the parents. A lot of the extra things we do as a pre-school - party entertainers, summer trip etc won't happen next year because there isn't any spare money. So sad for the new children.

I'd love to step down in September but nobody else wants the job. Not bloody suprising really.

plowder Wed 04-Jul-07 20:59:01

I quit as chair of ds ptfa in feb, we have an 18mnth tenure policy. I will NEVER chair a ptfa again, it nearly killed me, we managed to raise £8000 but it was a slog, we had a bigish fundraiser every month and a cake sale every friday, along with a couple of donations from local business, We did tell all parents in advance that this was what we was going to do until we had raised the £8000 for the new playground equipment. The lady that took over from me has only had a summer fete since feb (and the monthly tote) which makes me really jealous, but after our big fundraising drive we took the descion to step down and just do the normal three fundraisers a yr for the next 18 months.

lljkk Thu 05-Jul-07 10:47:56

I would love to quit, but Ofsted inspector actually asked me specifically not to leave, when we had inspection 3 weeks ago (scraped a Satisfctory after previous Unsatisfactory).

Was a Boost for ego after I left another preschool committee in a storm of bad feeling 2 years ago. I am "just" an ordinary committee member, but we have shared out Chairperson duties since previous chair left in a storm of bad feeling, 4 months ago.

I suspect if the setting hasn't failed an Ofsted inspection while you've been there, you can call it a pretty good job done.

TheDuchessOfNorks Thu 05-Jul-07 14:45:54

We did get a 'Good' Ofsted earlier this year, which was nice. They only made one recommendation - about making a proper reading corner, and we've done that.

But we have just had our first complaint - it's quite a petty list, seems more malicious than genuine. And the complainant didn't discuss any of the issues with either staff or committee - and yet I think we're all really approachable and have been working really hard on parent-school relations.

Bugger it all!

geogteach Thu 05-Jul-07 20:25:14

I'm staying. DD is leaving and DS2 is starting and having done the job for a year I can see that what it really needs is some continuity. Having said that I regulaly wish I was walking away.
What have we achieved? Appointed a new admissions secretary, commisioned a website, got the structure and job descriptions for the committee worked out.
What went badly? Lots of bad feeling over lease negotiations with the church - but they are building us new premises.
Next year - working on a building site, trying to get permission for an outside area in the new play area, fundraising for fixtures and fittings for the new pre school.
I only hope the new one is finished before DS2 leaves!

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