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Should committee ideally vote in all preschool policies?

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lljkk Tue 12-Jun-07 11:07:10

Rather than the Chairman or supervisor just announcing "this is our new policy". Which I think is how it usually happens, and most the committee don't want hassle of having to read and review every policy we come up with... but ideally, they should, shouldn't they?

I have just written 3 policies to present at next committee meeting, because I want to lay a papertrail (committee minutes) that we discussed and adopted them on X date. But wondered if that was overkill on my part.

We don't have a Chairperson or maybe I would have just agreed the policies with them only... but really, shouldn't whole committee read and approve ALL new policies?

portonovo Tue 12-Jun-07 11:43:41

Yes, we would never implement any new policy without the whole, albeit tiny, committee approving it.

Often it's just a five minute discussion and everyone OKs it, not necessarily a formal vote rather everyone just nodding or saying their agreement, but it needs to be done.

And yes, you're right in saying everything should be minuted and records kept.

BishyBarneyBee Tue 12-Jun-07 11:47:50

quorum should vote

read out policy or summary of policy
ask for show of hands to accept
ask for show of hands to reject

minute it.

BishyBarneyBee Tue 12-Jun-07 11:49:45

the committee is responsible for the policies and if they are on the committee when it is adopted it is their responsiblity to read and approve it.

Know it is a drag to explain this - I usually just say 'sorry this will be a bit dull but it is really important that you agree that this is okay for the pre-shool. Your advice and input would be really helpeful and then I hope we can vote on it.'

geogteach Tue 12-Jun-07 14:06:04

We were advised by someone at early years that all policies should be approved or readopted if no change every year. This is on our AGM agenda, policies are avaiable at pre school for anyone to read.

lljkk Tue 12-Jun-07 18:50:22

Okay, thanks very much for replies. What you say makes sense.

Other people are massively rewriting other policies and those new policies aren't getting voted on, just tacitly adopted. I'm not bothered about all that, to be honest, I just want to make sure to get my part right.

Bouquetsofdynomite Thu 21-Jun-07 20:07:25

Ours have been rewritten, cribbing as suitable from Preschool Learning Alliance sample policies. They were circulated with agendas for pre-reading and adopted at the meetings.

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