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preschool trip - should I send DD?

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jamhead Fri 08-Jun-07 22:01:29

Just wondered what any mums out there would do...

My DD (nearly 3 1/2) is happy at preschool. Ratio of carers to kids in class is 1 to 8.

They are planning a trip to a local wildlife park. Ratio of carers will still be 1 to 8. All the kids from 3yrs to 5yrs can go.

I'm feeling nervous about this - would you happily send your child?

happybiggirl Fri 08-Jun-07 22:02:16

Message withdrawn

brimfull Fri 08-Jun-07 22:04:09

yes I would,ds would love it.
If you're unsure whether she would be ok,can you offer to go aswell?

Isn't the ratio meant to be higher when out on trip.God I am chair I should know this.

brimfull Fri 08-Jun-07 22:05:28

ds' preschool are walking to the postbox and they have to have a ratio of 2:1

Slubberdegullion Fri 08-Jun-07 22:07:15

Sorry I don't really know about pre-school child: adult ratio's.

What I do know is when I'm doing Rainbow Guides (aged 5-7), the minimum we need is 1 adult to 5 girls. 1:8 for pre-schoolers seems an awful lot of small people for 1 person to monitor and look after.

brimfull Fri 08-Jun-07 22:11:30

I think 1:8 is for during the playschool session for over 3's.
Different when off the premises,will look it up.

wheresthehamster Fri 08-Jun-07 22:12:48

In yr1 we normally have 1 to 5/6.

On school nursery trips I think it was 1 to 2.

I wouldn't be happy about 1 to 8 and I'm sure this can't be right.

jennifersofia Fri 08-Jun-07 22:14:08

State schools nursery / Reception ratio 1:2. Y1 ratio 1:6.

I am very much in favour of trips out, (except I hate leading them ) but I wouldn't want to send my child if the ratio was 1:8. How large is the group going? How many 5 yr olds? I agree, ask to be a parent volunteer, and maybe ask if other parents can go.

jennifersofia Fri 08-Jun-07 22:16:12

oops, x posts! You're a teacher, aren't you, wheresthehamster?

wheresthehamster Fri 08-Jun-07 22:17:48

No - not clever enough! Just a TA.

jennifersofia Fri 08-Jun-07 22:21:57

Don't know if clever is the right word (thinks.. hard work, moderate pay, vomit, snot and physical mauling...)
What year are you? I am Y1. (Sorry for hijack jamhead!)

jennifersofia Fri 08-Jun-07 22:23:26

Besides, there is nothing 'just' about a TA! Mine are invaluable.

jamhead Fri 08-Jun-07 22:28:33

Glad to see I'm not the only one unsure about ratios of carers to kids. I'd be grateful if you find the info ggirl.

I normally would offer to go as helper but I only work one day a week and it's cash in hand so would be a bit of a bummer.

Still undecided about whether to send her. I feel in a bit of a bad position - you know - if all the other mums are cool with it.

jamhead Fri 08-Jun-07 22:34:41

That wasn't very clear - DD goes to preschool only 2 days a week. I work one and have one alone with DD2. The trip is scheduled on my work day.

wheresthehamster Fri 08-Jun-07 22:44:39

Yes, I'm yr 1 as well. I really enjoy it because my teacher involves me in everything.
Very tiring but I'm the lucky one - my day ends at 3.00 (well supposedly!) whereas hers just seems never ending!

I like your description - you just missed off the stuff they reguarly bring in on their shoes.

brimfull Fri 08-Jun-07 22:47:20

jamhead-I need to go out know and pick dd up but have a look at this site .
OUr copy of the standars book os with the superviser so can't look it up for you tonight.

jamhead Fri 08-Jun-07 23:05:51

thanks ggirl, and everyone else for comments.

jamhead Fri 08-Jun-07 23:07:35

Just one final thought - what happens when one of the 1 to 8 needs the loo? 1 to 16, even momentarily, doesn't bear thinking about!!

agnesnitt Sun 17-Jun-07 22:33:45

My daughter will be going on her first 'school trip' the week after next. She is four and it is with school. The ratios will be one adult to two or rarely three children.

If the ratio is going to be one to eight for your pre-school's jaunt I think you ought to be asking questions of them, that cannot be safe.


portonovo Mon 18-Jun-07 19:40:55

One to eight is not good enough. I know that ratio is the national legal minimum, but in many areas it is not acceptable. Our county stipulates one adult to six children for 3-5 year olds. And that's for a normal session, for a day trip it would be much higher.

We took our playgroup children on a mini trip to a local garden centre a week ago, and made sure we had almost a 1:2 ratio.

Even with older children the ratio is much higher - I've been on dozens of school trips with my 3 children and I've never known it as high as 1 to 8 even for children as old as 10-11.

Day trips are great, but I wouldn't send my little one (or even bigger ones!) with such a ratio.

Troutpout Mon 18-Jun-07 19:50:18

Our playgroup recently did a trip to a wild life park. They said that all children could only come if accompanied by an adult (childminder/parent/grandparent/uncle etc)
I definitely wouldn't be happy with 1:8 on a trip

dramaqueen Mon 18-Jun-07 19:56:50

Our pre-school wil not go out of the premises without a ratio of 1:2. I think that they are right. You then have every child holding an adult's hand. I don't think I would let my dd go if it were any different.

mumeeee Wed 20-Jun-07 16:12:43

One to eight is to big a ratio on trips out for Preschool children.
I work as a supply Nursery Nurse and at the ratio has been 1:2 on trips out at all the nurseries I have worked in.

Bouquetsofdynomite Thu 21-Jun-07 19:55:01

I would assume it will be 1-8 official staff plus some parents if they're invited.

TheDuchessOfNorks Wed 04-Jul-07 20:27:49

It's 1:2 when off the premises.

We've adhered to this for several visits to 'big school' during the past couple of weeks and also our summer trip. We coached 93 to a farm today (52 children: 41 adults). <preens>

We had to scrap using the local school hall as our fire evacuation centre because we wouldn't be able to safely walk the children up the lane. Instead we have to stay in the fenced & gated playground next to the burning building

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