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Tips on committee advertising to hire a pre-school assistant.

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GlassSlipper Fri 25-May-07 13:08:39

Title says it all really. I am new to preschool committee. We need to hire a new pre-school assistant.

I have written the application form and will do a job advert later but could do with some tips on where to advertise.


Fimbo Fri 25-May-07 13:16:43

You can advertise in the job centre for free. They will place the advert in the local rag for you too free of charge (will be a small block ad).

We also made up posters and stuck them around our village (on tree posts etc, etc).

Our local first school advertised the position on their notice board too (we actually got a lot of applicants from this).

Some places are funny about taking adverts in this way i.e. our library wouldn't put the poster up, neither would the doctors' surgery.

GlassSlipper Fri 25-May-07 13:33:45

Thanks Fimbo. Anyone else?

geogteach Fri 25-May-07 14:10:22

Approach you local authority most have a jobs available list that they circulate and / or have on their website. I think thats free too. We advertised at the pre school and in the church newsletter when we had an admissions secretary post and had plenty of applicants just from that.

GlassSlipper Fri 25-May-07 17:57:25

Thank you geogteach

lljkk Fri 01-Jun-07 07:12:12

You probably need to put down in the job advert that a CRB disclosure will be required (this is part of CRB code of practice, which you have to abide by to get subsidised CRB checks).

Can also approach any local primary schools and ask if you can advertise with notes in bookbags.

LizP Sat 02-Jun-07 21:43:45

Do your local council do anything ? We are always getting sent stuff about putting any jobs we have on their childcare stuff. They even put things in the local paper. But we never have the vacancies at the right time so just advertise in the local paper - which is very expensive and gives pretty poor results or use the methods tried above. Our best way to get loyal, good staff has always been to approach a mum who is coming in to help and offer to sponsor their training.

GlassSlipper Fri 08-Jun-07 11:34:30

thanks lljkk. have added the crb bit.

Bouquetsofdynomite Thu 21-Jun-07 20:04:04

Local vocational college that does nursery quals? A newby might be cheaper .

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