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What do your DC wear to nursery

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user1489792710 Sat 10-Mar-18 16:23:09

Apologies if this sounds silly! What do you send your DC to nursery in? She normally wears a long sleeved t shirt and leggings no socks at home even in winter as we keep our house quite warm.

Do you send them in layers to then take off as necessary?

Also do you leave a extra jacket wellies and shoes in the nursery?

Any recommendations for clothes brands would be much appreciated as well.

DD is 2 years.

Thanks in advance.

StickingWithIt Sat 10-Mar-18 16:26:23

Put her in something comfortable and that you don't mind her coming home in covered in food/paint/mud.

ivenoideawhatimdoing Sat 10-Mar-18 16:32:32

I tend to buy DS a lot from the HM Conscious range or Next bits off eBay.

There are a lot of parents who send their kids to nursery in old clothes that are stained, ripped etc and whilst that's great for them I like DS to look 'nice' wherever he goes. But with nursery I tend to be more budget conscious.

He wears the Next pull up skinny jeans/HM skinny joggers/leggings off Ebay.

He also wears usually plain t-shirts and a hoodie/jumper on cold days or a long sleeve t-shirt on mild days. He has wellies/coat/snowsuit etc there - all Next things from eBay.

He also wears canvas trainers most days, Vans or Converse.

Monny1 Sat 10-Mar-18 16:33:02

I would put her in old clothes, so it doesn't matter if they get messy. I would buy clothes from Primark or H& N.Spare clothes, label all her clothes. Wellies for the garden and a warm coat for the garden, hat, gloves and a scarf.

sausagerole Sat 10-Mar-18 16:40:05

I put her in old clothes that she's growing out of/stained/bobbled that I'd otherwise give away/charity shop. that way I get the most use out of them! Always leggings, t-shirt and a jumper with waterproofs over the top and wellies. Spare clothes and trainers in rucksack.

MrsPear Sat 10-Mar-18 16:43:00

Just don’t be one of those parents who complain about wetness, dirt, paint or food!
If you know you get uptight - like my h- buy cheap packs of t shirts, joggers or shorts and jumpers - next and h & m - and keep telling yourself it is only Pre school!
The one my boys went too had jumpers with Pre school logo as an option. Personally imho please don’t send her in frilly knickers and frock she needs something she can play freely in!

In summer ours said no slip ons or exposed toes. Think practical. Clark’s canvas are good. Some like spare wellies others don’t so ask.

Finally make sure everything is labelled.

user1489792710 Sat 10-Mar-18 17:07:58

Thank you very much! Any ideas about Tu (Sainsbury's) clothing? Was gifted some sleep suits and t shirts and they seem really good quality wise.

Goldenbug Sun 11-Mar-18 13:30:17

I work in nurseries.

No laces. Shoes they can get off and on themselves.

No dungarees. Joggers that they can easily use themselves are the best.

A top with sleeves that they can roll up themselves. Nursery staff don't really want to spend an hour a day dressing and undressing children. It might only take you an extra few minutes, but multiply that by 20 or 30.

A coat that is suitable for the weather. NOT a white fun fur puffball monstrosity from Harrods that you insist can't get dirty. (That was a memorable coat!)

starlightmeteorite Sun 11-Mar-18 13:36:54

Tu is great. I buy a lot. They often have a 20% off sale as well.

Anatidae Sun 11-Mar-18 13:41:02

Tracksuit bottoms or jeans with a top. Sweater over that. Socks with the sticky grippy things on them to avoid slips.

Nothing that would be hard to play/climb/mess around in. Practical shoes. Nothing that will upset you if wrecked or lost or covered in paint.

Ds also has full outerwear for each season - snowsuit/boots/hat/gloves/woolies for winter. Fleece lined wellies for spring and autumn along with full waterproofs. Single layer waterproofs for summer.

Polarn o pyret do brilliant outdoor gear, as do Didrikson, Reima etc. None are cheap but all last well. PoP will fix anything that breaks for free . UK supermarket/high street outerwear is crap and doesn’t keep them dry or warm.

Basically practical, playable, not too fancy.

Callamia Sun 11-Mar-18 13:42:30

In winter, i put him in warm layers - they go outside a lot, so thermal leggings or tights under jeans. He’s worn a thermal vest everyday (I love uniqlo) for months now.

I have wellies for nursery and wellies for home, because I’m too lazy to carry them about. Second hand ones are fine for either place though.

NerrSnerr Sun 11-Mar-18 13:45:50

Mine just goes in her everyday clothes, but most of her wardrobe is hand me downs or from charity shops. I dress her in layers and send an extra jumper if it’s particularly cold so staff can layer.

RatOnnaStick Sun 11-Mar-18 13:48:34

If your child is potty training or recently trained then elastic waistband in a size bigger are a godsend for a desperate child with crossed legs. Label EVERYTHING. Send cheap spare clothes that don't matter if they disappear after a change.

HSMMaCM Sun 11-Mar-18 20:02:00

And remember a spare set of all of the above, for when they get wet or whatever.

user1489792710 Tue 13-Mar-18 16:41:55

Thank you very much everyone!

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