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St Johns Wood Day Care Nurseries

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jlr2017 Tue 31-Oct-17 15:02:39

I am currently looking at day care nurseries in St Johns Wood which take from baby (approx. nine months).

I have booked a visit to Bright Horizons and whilst they do have a 'required improvement' Ofsted report, the online parent reviews are all very good. I have also been looking at Carlton Hill Community nursery, which has an older 'Outstanding' Ofsted but can't find online reviews anywhere.

I am therefore hoping to get some feedback, if anyone have any experience of these two day care nurseries and/or any other suitable day care nursery in the area?

santeya Mon 13-Nov-17 20:17:53

My son just finished there. The required improvement rating was a bit unfair I think. I believe this was due to minor issues such as the kids not washing hands etc. All in all, the staff are nice and friendly and always happy to listen to parents concerns. Not sure how old your child is but the main issue I had was the fact that the kids didn’t spend enough time in the garden. They were sometimes kept indoors all day which bothered me a lot. The rooms upstairs are also quite small. It’s not a big nursery and even the garden is on the small side. Personally, i think with the prices they charge, I’d expect a little bit more but like i said, I still think it’s a good nursery.

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