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Recommendations please for move to Chilterns area

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Blissful1 Tue 17-Oct-17 10:11:14

Hello everyone, we have an 11 weeks old girl and live in Hendon. Would like to move to somewhere greener, less polutted, less crowded, more peaceful, with nice community feel and in the catchment areas of good state education for our little girl starting with nursery than primary school and hopefully grammmar school afterwards. We are thinking somewhere in Chilterns. Maybe Amersham/Little Chalfont but would like to know more about the other surrounding areas as well. My husband would need to commute to work to Kings Cross area. I dont work at the moment but will be looking for a new job once our girl is 9 months old and its most likely I would need to commute to London as well, unless I could find some work locally or with shorter commute/drive to. I would really appreciate some recommendations for the areas and schools in Chilterns and some insights into what it is like living in those areas. As the properties are quite expensive in Chilterns we are probably going to rent out our apartment in Hendon and rent a 2-3 bedroom house/apartment for a start ourselves. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!😊Many thanks for your time in advance!

isitwinetimeyet16 Sun 04-Mar-18 19:10:25

No help but following as we are considering similar!

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