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unwritten rules when starting nursery/ first day at nursery

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degela Sat 02-Sep-17 05:39:03

Hello, I have read that at the end of the year parents give nursery staff gifts, is there any such thing when a child starts a nursery?

Thanks in advance for comments : )

Gunpowder Sat 02-Sep-17 05:43:57

Never, ever heard of this! I don't think it's a thing anywhere. I reckon be on time to pick up your kids and don't bring in your DC if they have a vomiting bug are prob the most important rules. smile

HSMMaCM Sat 02-Sep-17 18:13:18

No one has ever brought me a starting gift not that I'd complain about some biscuits or chocolate or something

HSMMaCM Sat 02-Sep-17 18:14:12

A parent giving a cheery goodbye and leaving quickly is always good for me and the child. And what gun powder said.

FineAsWeAre Sun 03-Sep-17 16:34:22

No not necessary at all

Goldenbug Tue 05-Sep-17 10:34:43

Sometimes a parent might bring a box of chocolates in as a thank you for helping a child settle in, but not just automatically because they've started.

CruCru Thu 21-Sep-17 17:29:40

Be on time to pick your children up.

Don't send the kids in if they are pukey or have a temperature.

Label EVERYTHING. I use Stikins labels - they go inside shoes, on coats, on the labels in cardigans.

If you have unwanted / too small pants and socks, the nursery may be grateful for them.

OddBoots Thu 21-Sep-17 17:34:17

Only what has been said in this thread, please label your child's things clearly in a logical place and don't stay too long at drop off, it only unsettles your child and the other children more. I've never known any starting gifts.

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