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Changing nursey school

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Jamtoasty Mon 17-Jul-17 23:59:23

My child has been going to a fantastic nursery with wonderful teachers ,since January 2017 .
We moved house a few months back and we live right next to a school with a nursery opening in sept 2017 .
We went through the application and process and she has a place starting in sep 2017.

I can't sleep because with the previous school I got to see the teachers with children allready there and with this new nursery she will be in the first ones ..
I don't know the nursery staff and when I met them at a welcome evening , they didn't compare her current teacher .
I'm stressing and worry that the new nursery will be terrible and my child un happy .

ladybirdsarelovely33 Tue 18-Jul-17 00:06:25

How far is the current nursery ? Is it possible for your dd to continue going there?
It is difficult to compare the nursery teachers when they are not in comparable environments of course.
What was it that made you feel unsure about the soon to be next door nursery?

Jamtoasty Tue 18-Jul-17 00:16:31

The current one is about 10/15 mins drive .
But I have another child due to start Jan 2018 .
The one she's at now seems a safe place to be .
The new one doesn't seem to be .
I think to myself, I can just walk to the new one and if would save on petrol , and I'd still be able to get her if my car didn't work .

( I know the school very well as u went to the original nursery through to year 6 )

ladybirdsarelovely33 Tue 18-Jul-17 00:25:34

The one she's at now seems a safe place to be. The new one doesn't seem to be.

Well that says a lot. I think gut instinct is really important in these things. Don't be concerned with the practical convenience of the new next door nursery over how safe you feel your daughter is in her current nursery. You are more than likely to regret it.

BackforGood Fri 21-Jul-17 20:59:29

In what way do you think it isn't safe ?

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