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Don't know what to do for the best

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forgotpassword Wed 14-Jun-17 02:47:03

My ds will be 2 in August. The hv suggested at his last check up that I should consider applying for a nursery place for him. Because he's so shy. And not the most confident. That it would maybe bring him out his shell a bit. I thought about and agree it might so applied.
So I got a letter back and he's got a place for 5 afternoons a week! I'm a shy person and like to stay at home with family Also have a problem with anxiety. I don't my my ds to be like me. I want him to be confident and outgoing.
But 5 afternoons he's only 2! Is that to much? I don't want it to have the opposite effect.
Obviously I don't need to accept the 5 afternoons. But would that actually be better for him? Wwyd

RenaissanceBunny Wed 14-Jun-17 03:07:37

If he is 2 in August 2017, 3 in August 2018 for 'proper' year before Reception nursery (which my niece has to attend 5 mornings), then 4 in August 2019 for Reception, I'd say 5 afternoons a week unless necessary for you to work seems a bit much. I'd say 2 afternoons (ideally in a row) is enough for now, perhaps looking at increasing to 3 or more after Christmas. The problem with 5 afternoons is that you are completely tied and can't go anywhere much more than the supermarket etc. 2 is still pretty little and nursery can be quite a busy and exhausting place. Also once he has made some friends you can do playdates which lets you socialise with all the focus on the kids and hopefully will be comfortable doing that and can gain some 'mummy' friends to chat.

chelseapritch Wed 14-Jun-17 03:13:40

Yes I agree, 5 afternoons seems a bit much for a 2 year old, They're still very young and it can be very scary being away all that tome. My LO turned 2 in May, He starts nursery in September and will be going in 3 afternoons a week, 1-6 monday, Wednesday and Thursday x

forgotpassword Thu 15-Jun-17 03:39:08

Thanks for the replies. It's 15hrs a week he would only be there for 3hrs a day. But think it's to much to go from being with me all the time. I think it would have the opposite effect and make I'm more clingy. I'm going to the nursery tomorrow to say I think it's to much and see if we can arrange something else. Thanks again for the replies sometimes you just need to know other people agree with you. Even if they are strangers on the internet smile

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