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Anyone knows anything about training as a montessori teacher

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Giovannawain Thu 25-May-17 01:06:43

Hello mamas, does anyone here know anything about training as montessori teacher and working within the bucks county? I would like to train in early years education and work in a montessori nursery/school but I'm so confused on where I start. I have a degree in psychology and experience with working with teenagers but my experience with children is a bit more personal than on a professional setting. Does anyone know what would be a next step for me? Thank you very much x

Nicky2468 Thu 25-May-17 01:20:42

I trained as a Montessori teacher in Berks - studied in a centre that's no longer there now as it was 20 years ago. Have you looked at the LMC website (London Montessori Centre)? That's who I trained with? Ever considered ABA (working with children with Autism)? Your psychology degree would be great for that plus you'll earn far more!!

Gio9 Thu 25-May-17 01:29:34

Thank you, I'll look at the LMC website. I haven't even heard about ABA 😂 I'll research it. What do you do now? Are you still working in the field of education? I'm looking into working in a nursery and hopefully my son can attend where I'm working (do you know if that's allowed?) I was considering even asking the nursery I have signed him up for if I can stay there with him and still pay them but maybe that will be a good experience for me. He will start in January 2018. I wonder if they will allow. Anyway thank you very much for your help

shuangnick Wed 21-Jun-17 11:09:40

AMI or AMS(as regarded that AMI is much harder and professional while AMS is much easier to pass through) , they are both the best and famous institution in the world that gives out montessori curriculum and practice.if u pass the test and access the diploma after 2years training, u will be welcomed anywhere in the world that runs a montessori school. in Shanghai China, there is a large need of montessori teacher especially from English speaking country. so welcome to our country if u get an AMI/AMS diploma whilst u wish a further development abroad.

shuangnick Wed 21-Jun-17 11:21:54

I learned montessori theory by myself instead of taking a course, and it still helped a lot during the education.perhaps we can discuss when u meet the problem

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