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GHGN Mon 27-Mar-17 00:06:31

Just a question.

My soon to be 4 years old DD is really really keen on numbers, counting, adding stuffs together. I have always avoided teaching her anything. All I do is read to her everyday and spend some time playing with her. My mum when she came to visit said she was clearly not as quick as me at the same age so I never tried to push her. I just want her to grow up and enjoy being a kid instead of doing lots of Maths like I did.

However, if she is still really keen, should I teach her some Maths through play etc? At some point, it will have to become formal teaching won't it. I don't know what they do in reception so not sure what to do with her.

I can see that with correct teaching, she will be well ahead by the time she starts school in September but it is not quite a good thing is it?

HSMMaCM Mon 27-Mar-17 09:56:30

Learning through play is fine and natural. You can talk to her about size and shape and cutting in half, or adding one more, without putting any pressure on her.

Children have fun learning, so don't worry about teaching her things. You don't have to sit her down with work sheets, just encourage her natural curiosity

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