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Concerns around DDs pre-school

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WittgensteinsBunny Fri 17-Mar-17 12:33:09

My dd is 3.9 and has been at her pre-school since Jan 16. She's really happy to go there and I've always felt it to be warm, friendly and well organised. It is relaxed and apprently it's quite big compared to other local preschools but this suits dd. She brings home lots of crafts, gets taken on the occasional trip out. We've always had positive feedback at parent's evening and her key worker seems to be talking about our child and makes sensible comments. They are however, seemingly rubbish at paperwork and I don't have a book or anything to show me what dd has done at her session. It doesn't bother me as DD tells me what they've been doing in her 3 year old way and it doesn't just sound like unstructured play.

This is in stark contrast to some of the other parents and children's experiences. Many are being pulled from DDs preschool or have just stopped going (about 5 or 6 this term). Many members of staff have left and there are lots of rumours flying around about why and what's going on. The most disturbing rumour I've heard is that they've taken on a new teacher who has no qualifications and experience outside of being a mum to 3 children. I don't know the rules around early years education / settings. Should all staff be qualified? Or have experience?

As DD is happy and will be starting reception class in September, I'm not too worried about her last term at preschool. However, DD2 who will be 2.5 in September is due to start. I'm wondering whether I should look into other options, as she is quieter, more introverted and more focused than her louder, confident and more creative sister. I'd like to bring this up at pre-school but don't know how to broach "I heard some local gossip about staff and lots of children seem to be leaving based on children being deeply unhappy"

Is there any one who can advise / help?

insancerre Sat 18-Mar-17 16:19:50

No, not all staff need to be qualified or experienced
Half of staff can be unqualified
It's not normal either to have a daily written record in preschool
If you are happy with the preschool then i would ignore the gossip
In my experience as a nursery manager mist rumours are started by disgruntled parents who owe fees or have a grievance against the setting that is unresolved, often this grievances are petty.

WittgensteinsBunny Sun 19-Mar-17 07:35:15

Thank you so much for this. Really reassuring to hear some facts. It really echoes how I feel and what my husband thinks, it's so hard not to feel concerned when the rumour mill gets going!

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