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snacks etc at preschool(or should this be in AIBU?)

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nailpolish Tue 27-Feb-07 12:27:48

chinese new year

they had a 'chinese week' at school, did loads of fab stuff

today they had a party - chinese food

this consisted of Super Noodles, Pot Noodles, Prawn Crackers and microwave rice

dd now feels sick she ate all the crap

whats wrong with healthy food

hana Tue 27-Feb-07 12:29:12

that's awful!!
and what a poor intro to Chinese food ( which is mostly v yummy!)
they could have done a lot more with thta

nailpolish Tue 27-Feb-07 12:33:27

do you thihk i should have said something?

i saw it all in the kitchen when i dropped her off and wish i had said something, but didnt want to embarrass dd by being a fussy mother

Enid Tue 27-Feb-07 12:33:59

what a shame!

nailpolish Tue 27-Feb-07 12:35:17

i can just imagine dd

she LOVES rice and noodles

but she says it was horrible, esp the pot noodles

Enid Tue 27-Feb-07 12:36:17

its pretty insulting

even dd2 knows about decent chinese food

(they had proper noodles, stir fried veg and chopsticks at dd2s nursery)

FluffyMummy123 Tue 27-Feb-07 12:36:46

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Tue 27-Feb-07 12:37:20

is not like proper noodles are complicated ffs

i really wish i had said something

to me its just laziness

FluffyMummy123 Tue 27-Feb-07 12:37:48

Message withdrawn

Aloha Tue 27-Feb-07 12:38:32

Prawn crackers....drool....

(get me out of here am supposed to be writing proper grown up article for a newspaper, ffs)

nailpolish Tue 27-Feb-07 12:39:40

what do you mean cod


happybiggirl Tue 27-Feb-07 12:41:24

Message withdrawn

FrannyandZooey Tue 27-Feb-07 12:42:55

jesus god

that is embarrassingly bad - are there chinese families at your nursery?

that is really, really bad

tassis Tue 27-Feb-07 12:43:23

ds had prawn crackers to at his scottish pre school

not sure what else...spring rolls maybe?

nailpolish Tue 27-Feb-07 12:44:15

no no chinese families

thank god!

its a narrow minded small town attitude

FrannyandZooey Tue 27-Feb-07 12:45:31

Oh and as for AIBU


DrumMum Tue 27-Feb-07 12:53:12

Mmmm doesn't sound that healthy does it.. do they have a kitchen at the pre-school?
maybe you could offer to go in next time and help prepare something...

happystory Tue 27-Feb-07 13:19:11

I'm thinking they don't have an oven maybe? Our pre-school just has a microwave and a kettle, hence the 'menu' you described. Agree wouldn't like the pot noodles but guess if it's just a one-off I wouldn't complain. You did say they did 'loads of fab stuff'

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