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Should I go to the school governors?

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ukmummy123 Wed 18-Jan-17 20:36:48

Ill keep this as short as I can.

I settled my son into a school nursery December this year. It is a mainstream school with an outstanding ofsted rating. He was attending a private nursery prior to this. Whilst settling him in he was punched in the face and pulled by a young boy. Teacher didn't see this until I made her aware. He received a time out which lasted a whole 30 seconds. I then saw him pull another girls hair aggressively from Side to side for about 5 seconds. Again i intervened and the teacher saw half of the incident. I was told by another teacher the boy has learning difficulties.
Now... at this point I'm feeling worried for my son as this other boy seems to aggression issues. And in the space of half hour I saw two incidences where this young boy who needs further support clearly is hurting other children. Even worse the teachers did not witness it and may not be witnessing it on other occasions.

So I raise my concerns with the nursery manager, she said provisions have been put i in Place since the incident but these specific provisions cannot be discussed with me due to confidentiality. I asked for 1-1 care for the boy who attacked my son. They said no.
I asked if the incident was logged, she said yes. I asked if the little boys parents know about this , she said yes. I asked if the little girls parents were told about the incident , she said yes. I left the room with a little less worry as I could see they would tell me if further incidences were to happen and that they follow policy.

Now three weeks later I get to know a few mums... one being the mothers of the daughter who had her hair pulled. In a conversation we spoke about the nursery, the weather, the weekend and "oh how is your daughter after the incident the other day?" I asked. She didn't know about it. I was horrified. She want straight to the head. They apologised to her and said this wouldn't happen again.

Head teacher and nursery manager called me into a meeting the very next day and falsely accused me of breaking schools code of conduct by attempting to resolve my issue with the school by approaching another parent. I did agreed. That wasn't my intention. I explained parents talk and I have a right to although this particular convo was off school grounds. I asked why they didn't tell the mother and they said they couldn't discuss that with me due to confidentiality as it isn't about my son. I said it indirectly affects my son as you apply the same policies and rules and if I wasn't there to see him get punched perhaps you wouldn't have told me. (The daughter who got hurt cannot talk and is born this way where as my son would tell me straight away if anything happened)

They shut down the meeting and explained I could go to the school of governors if I wish and they stood up. I asked for evidence of my sons incident being logged and they said no.
I said before I left i will be straight back in to this office if I hear anything about my son being hurt.

I asked for a written letter of our meeting to sent to me so that I can send this to the school of governors. This is part of the complaints process. The response came back from the chair of the governors who explained she has no concerns and that she can't discuss matters about other children and that I can approach her about my son only. Also provisions have been out in place since my sons incident with no detail. (Not in those words)

Since then I've been pondering...
should I go to the school of governors? I'm worried as to the amount of times they have covered up children getting hurt. They told me if a child has an incident even if there is no mark they would tell the parent at the end of the day. Why do they not have more staff if they are aware the boy expresses himself aggressively. Why should other children have to manage the young boy themselves.
Before u say it... I know my son may get into altercations or situations he will have to manage in the future but not a situation like this. The head teacher did say she can't say my son will never be hit in his lifetime in the school. That isn't my point- it's how they manage those situations!

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