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Clueless131417 Fri 25-Nov-16 18:49:47

Is anyone part of their nursery's parent committee. We have been asked to vounlunteer but with little info.

What does it involve.

I have 3 dcs under 4 and inwould live to get involved as one is there now. And 2nd will go next year however they may close without volunteers. Is this something i would be able to do as i have no one to look after the kids if there are meeting as dh works away a lot and no friends or family to help.

Would they conside coming to my house for meetings etc?

I have obviously emailed and asked. So no need for the why dont you ask them...

But wanted to know from others with experience


Clueless131417 Sat 26-Nov-16 22:53:12


HSMMaCM Sun 27-Nov-16 12:38:37

You're getting the response that committees get when they ask people to take on roles. I was happy to help the committee, but never wanted the hassle of being on it. Fortunately there were people more responsible than me, who helped to keep our pre school running. I was very grateful to them.

BackforGood Sun 27-Nov-16 14:11:13

I know you've answered it yourself, but really - that is the answer.
I've been on committees / 'meetings' for all sorts of things over many, many years, and they do vary in the way they are set up, so we can't really pre-empt what this one will say.
If they are really short of volunteers though, and you've said that you are prepared to do what you can to support them but that you'd need to be able to bring all the dc along (if they have a meeting whilst they are open), or that you would be willing for people to come to your house so you don' t have to find childcare, otherwise you won't be able to help at this time, then you'd hope that anyone who wants you on the committee would make that call that they can unless they are already meeting at someone else's house for that reason.

The other way you might be able to help, is with a job you could do at home.... maybe treasurer type role, where you could do most of it without having to attend meetings.
Good on you for volunteering smile

Clueless131417 Sun 27-Nov-16 14:13:22

OK thanks gus. But what do the people in the committee actually do? What are the jobs to be done?

BackforGood Sun 27-Nov-16 14:28:02

Well, again, that is set up differently in different Nurseries and Pre-schools.
Sorry, not sounding like much help here I know.

Some committees have the whole trustee responsibililty - may be responsible for hiring and firing, for payrises, for disciplenaries, for ensuring staff are trained and qulaified and up to date with qualifications. They might have to maintain the building, they might have to apply for funds for building works or equipment. They might have to ensure the pre-school is complying with all legislation. Or they might have to go to another meeting to represent the Pre-school - like with the Church or Parish council, or the village hall committee or whatever.

Others, the committee is "just" a fundraising committee, or possibly that and a kind of 'parent voice' in to give the staff feedback.

Clueless131417 Sun 27-Nov-16 15:30:28

Ah I see. Yes I think it is the whole trustee responsibility.... oh no what have I volunteered myself for. I am a sahm. But I work from home....dh works 7 days a week gets home late and I am pregnant with child number 3. Eldest is 3.5 years and youngest just turned 2. confused

Don't want the nursery to close as they have helped my eldest so much and are amazing halo

And second child will be going next year.

I suppose anything small I can do. But I would be limited. I hope other mums or dad's etc get involved! This has really worried me.... I love that nursery.


BackforGood Sun 27-Nov-16 16:25:35

Obviously I don't know the set up where your Nursery is, but it might be worth suggesting they look wider than the 'current parents' for volunteers for the committee. When your dc are there, I presume a lot of parents who are going to have the same difficulties with childcare.
It might well be, however, that the Church / Parish / Village hall that you meet in might know of some people whose dc are now grown, and who have a bit more time on their hands, who might well be willing to 'give something back' to the community generally, or even remembering that their own dc enjoyed the group some 15 yrs ago. Certainly worth asking in the parish / Village / Church newsletter or FB group, or if you have a friendly vicar you could get on board and ask if there is someone that you could approach.

Clueless131417 Sun 27-Nov-16 16:51:54

I wish but the requirement is to be a current parent or had your child be at the nursery within the last 5 years. So most of these parents kids will be in primary school and likely to be working. Oh it's difficult isn't it. Hopefully some others feel the same and come together

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