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4 year old biting at preschool

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Sohardtochooseausername Thu 03-Nov-16 09:29:48

We moved cities at Easter - and my DD changed preschools. She had been extremely happy in her previous preschool and in daycare before that since she was 9 months.

Since we moved she has been unsettled and has often said she wishes she were back where we were. I thought she was getting on OK but she moved up from the 3-4 group to the 4-5 preschool group in August and ever since then I have had almost daily reports that she has been disruptive and misbehaving in class. She hides from the teachers when it is time to tidy up, or come in from playing in the garden. I didn't think much of these reports until the day the school broke up for half term I was told by after school club at pick up time that she had bitten her teacher.

They do 2 weeks half term so I had a long wait to hear what had happened and they said she had run away and it was while they were trying to get her back into line that she bit.

We had a long talk about working on her behaviour and I pointed out that I have had no problem with it until now. Anyway, until today things seemed to have settled down.

I have just been told this morning that a parent complained about DD biting - this time one of her classmates. The teachers didn't see the incident, so it was 'dealt with' the day after. DD made no mention of it at all.

I am in tears because my child has suddenly started to misbehave and I feel completely helpless to do anything about it. I am also confused because I thought a 4 year old who'd never been violent before would not be - why is she changing the way she behaves so much?

There are some really badly behaved children in her class. At one party one of DD's classmates put a drumstick lolly in her hair and pulled it out with a chunk of hair. Her parent completely ignored it. At another party I saw hitting and pushing. I am already thinking this class is being badly managed but I am considering where DD needs to go for primary and thinking this might not be the place.

However, need to work on her current behaviour so if anyone has any tips I'd be so grateful. I feel helpless (and guilty) as I work full time and I just can't deal with this remotely.

ourkidzhyd Fri 02-Dec-16 08:34:11

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