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Nursery pre-school stress!

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nat73 Fri 09-Sep-16 07:41:56

DC2 has been at nursery part time since the age of 1. He is now 3 and can attend the preschool at our village school. Last term the preschool said it would be open 5 days a week. Earlier this year he started stammering so we are trying not to get him too tired as this makes it worse. The plan was for him to attend preschool mon, wed and fri with Tues and Thurs to chill out at home.
I found out this week the preschool will only be open Monday to wednesday... Additionally a contract has come up for me for 5 days a week til end of the year. He was happy at his old nursery and will be one of the bigger children. At the preschool he is one of the youngest in his year and it is a lot more crowded and busy.
I am starting to stress about what to do and need to get it sorted in the next 2 weeks before this contract starts. The preschool has suggested he does half days to prevent getting tired but this is useless for me if I am to do a 40 hour week..
How about he does Monday all day and Tuesday morning at the preschool and all day wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the nursery? And I work Tuesday evening and take Tuesday afternoon off?
He will get 3 days a week NEF funding so costs is not an issue. I am concerned about him getting tired and I feel his nursery is more restful and less chaotic than the preschool but am I missing something?

HSMMaCM Fri 09-Sep-16 16:30:24

Leave him at the nursery. He doesn't have to go to pre school.

StringyPotatoes Fri 09-Sep-16 16:35:01

Why do you want him to go to the Pre-School? Attending 2 settings can be more tiring than just one full-time as there is a constant "adjusting" to a new routine. If he doesn't have to go to the Pre-School don't feel you have to send him.

nat73 Fri 09-Sep-16 19:35:20

I guess the advantages of pre-school are that he gets used to where he will go to school, the children he will go to school with and also it is in our village and we already have another child to walk the 100m there as a pose to the 10 mile round trip to nursery. He went to the nursery today and was v happy. I think we will go for Mondays and Tuesdays at preschool so he can get to know those he will go to school with and Wednesday-Friday he can go to nursery which will be easier for him.

Lotty27 Fri 16-Sep-16 09:57:50

Hi everyone my 4 year son has started big school he went nursery for a year and half and all he mates went in to the new class with him .he was ok the first day but the second day he cried and he been waking me up every morning crying saying he will miss me it a long day plz don't take me .and he ain't wanted to leve my side since it so draining as he cry from 6 in morning till he go school then pull on my leg and said no mummy I love u sad any on e know how I can make it a bit easier for my little man

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