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Little Unicorns Canary Wharf

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user1470171842 Fri 05-Aug-16 09:52:07

Please don't put your child through this.

user1470171842 Fri 05-Aug-16 09:54:39

Today 09:50 user1470171842

Before you proceed. Please note that I spoke in person to the management of all my concerns listed below. And found ZERO improvement (in 40 days I continued to send my child) that's when I took my child out.

REVIEW of personal experience for Little Unicorn Day Care – Canada Square. Mind you, they have other nurseries in the area.

My 3 year old child went to this nursery for about 6 months. And I regret that I put her there for 6 Months!

Here, I list out multiple issues I faced with this particular nursery. Please note that, in the past reviews I posted elsewhere, the nursery creates own userIDs and the posts positive reviews confusing parents! It is your choice if you still put your precious child here.

Why did I put my child here?

It was close to work, had lots of space, and the manager that walked me around during initial visit to view the nursery was very friendly, answered all my questions and gave me that confidence. Now I can only think that she is an exceptional sales person.

Why I am not satisfied?

1) My child had hurt his head four times during this time at nursery. Each time there was a clear bump with bruise. No problem. Kids run around and play. But the key worker and management was unable to explain how it happened, or for that matter noticed it. I had to bring it to their attention each time. And all I got was blank faces! My child clearly complained of pain.

2) After four months at this day care, I wanted to know what DD has been up to, and requested for her folder. All they got back was some 3 hurriedly put sheets with hand written notes, and of some other child (they forgot to change the name)! And the management agreed it was unacceptable that they did not have a folder for her yet! The management was unaware that DD did not even have a progress folder! Oh! And it was still not available 2 months later when I took her out.

3) Keyworker was changed without information to parents. My child came back upset most of the times from nursery. And when I wanted to speak to keyworker, it was an entirely different person! And when asked, they were yet again, without any answers.

4) Overuse of naughty corner! DD lost the concept of naughty corner. On one occasion, she was nervously sitting on the floor in one corner looking scared when I went in early to pick her up. All the other kids were having a snack around the table. She was very upset. When I asked what the issue was. The answer I got was “she is not listening!” and no further explanation. I took this matter yet again to the management, whilst they agreed that the key worker should have explained what the problem was, they were unable to implement it, because I caught them giving my DD naughty corner 4 more times without explanation. I was able to catch them at it, because I went in early being so close to work. Not sure how many times she was sent to naughty corner and I was not made aware of!

5) DD started using words like ‘shut up’, ‘go to your corner’, you will be sent to blue room’, ‘shut it’. And completely shifted from being a very well behaved polite girl to an aggressive, cranky child with behavioural issues that were never there before. This was a gradual change, thankfully we took her out before more damage was done.

6) Very frequent change of staff. Total lack of communication between staff and key workers. On one occasion, nobody knew which room DD was in! And they sent me from one room to the other, before I finally lost it, and asked one of them to show me where she was! And even that person took time to check that she was in the sensory room!

7) Rude staff. Why do I say that? During the entire time she went there, nobody used to greet her, or lead her to play after I dropped her off. She simply used to stand in the room entrance even after 5-10 min! I only saw some improvement in this after I complained about this behaviour. But that was not consistent.

8) Unexplained bruises. She once came back home with bruises in 3 places below her knees. And was in pain when I touched these bruises. My guess is, she must have hurt on a table or during play (this is my most positive guess). When I asked how it happened. Yet again, they could not explain how it happened. Again, I agree that children play and get hurt. All am asking for is to inform me when I pick her up. I was certain she must have cried because it was still hurting the next day.

9) Their policy to take kids for a walk around Canary Wharf. I am all for it. Kids need open air. Good. But is there is schedule, I can see? Nope, there isn’t one in place. So every day, my child is out of the day care for 30-60 min. I cannot know where she goes to. These kids go in groups of 8 with 2 carers. Is this safe? Well, not in my opinion. Kids of older age are not on harnesses. Even if they are, and if there ever is an emergency. Two people cannot cope with 8 kids! (Even if they are equipped with two phones! Am told!) There is no timetable or plan in place to let parents know in advance where their child will be taken that day. I was told on a couple of occasions that my child left the group and ran ahead. Err. So? She is a kid, and I expect she will do that. What are ‘you’ doing to ensure it does not happen again? Nothing. I seriously don’t expect a 3 year old to understand that she is with 8 other kids and only 2 carers, so she is not supposed to run around! – And the reason I was unable to trust them with my child outside the nursery, is because of all the reasons I’ve explained.

Bottom line, there are multiple other issues that can fill a book with this day care. These are issues some main issues I faced. It is not a nurturing place for children, with frequently changing staff, (I must say non English speaking staff – Don’t start to call me a racist for this! English is not my first tongue either, but I want my child speak efficiently because she is in an English speaking Nation! And this won’t come with staff that hardly speaks English!) Rude service, unnecessarily extensive use of naughty corner, disconnect between Staff and management. Oh! And by the way, I took all these issues to the management, and failed to see improvement in most areas. And received no explanation on what has happened already. And by the way, they added this new system of not having folders but electronic progress copies. (This started months after my child started) so it is not an excuse for not having a folder for DD for the last 5 months!

In conclusion, this is one of the most expensive and horrible nursery to put your child in! My kid was in another nursery previously and she thrived. (We had to move unfortunately) and in 6 months, she has lost all she learnt previously, became a very frustrated and rude child, and has received absolutely no nurturing care during her time there. She was more like a money bag that needed to be looked after safely!

It is now up to you if you want to put your kid at Little Unicorn Day Care. Don’t take the risk.

PotteringAlong Fri 05-Aug-16 09:59:43

Ignoring all of the other issues: of course there isn't a schedule for going outside. Why would you go out religiously (for example) between 2-3 every day if it was glorious in the morning but you knew it would rain in the afternoon?

igotnotimeforthis Fri 05-Aug-16 10:25:07

Pottering I don't see the need to pick out this particular issue when there are so many others.
So there is no schedule, maybe that's fine but so many thing in this list are not. Specially the use of naughty corner- what sort of fucked up nursery uses that?

I actually at one stage considered this nursery for my DS and I'm glad I didn't use it inthe end.

Is this the one at Westferry Circus?

user1470171842 Fri 05-Aug-16 10:52:27

Igotnotimeforthis.. The one on Canada Square. But they are all under same management. I did not trust them with my child out of the nursery for walks because they have conspicuously proven they can't be in the nursery. Not against the walks! But all the other issues put me on the edge.

use789456123 Sun 02-Oct-16 00:48:17

I agree with all the comments made in this review about the Little Unicorn Nursery Canada Water. My son went to this nursery for nearly 2 years (between the ages of 2.5-4.5 years old), again because it was close to my work. We had the worst experience where my son would come home with a painful bruise every other day. Once he had a black eye (yes, a BLACK EYE) like he had been punched in the face. The only explanation that the nursery could give was that another child bumped into him in "bounce" (which is a soft play room in the nursery). I expect that too many children were put in this room without any supervision.

I have had to take my son twice to A&E with injuries that he sustained at this nursery. Once he couldn't walk because of an accident at the nursery, which none of the staff who were supposed to be supervising him witnessed, and once he had a suspected broken nose (when the nursery itself called me and asked me to take him to A&E).

My son told me that one of the staff had pinched his arm when he didn't listen to her. I complained about this to the management, but no action was taken. That individual was still working at the nursery when we left in July 2016.

My son would get bitten by another boy repeatedly (and the biting incidents were not being logged in the incident report book). When I complained all that I was told by the management was that "we are teaching children to use their words". Teaching how exactly? Any why wasn't the biting being logged?

There is very little teaching (if any) done at this nursery. Children are shunted from room to room and let loose without much supervision (which is how they get bruised and hurt).

My son became very aggressive and developed behavioural difficulties, which are all, in my view, attributed to the way that he was treated as this nursery. You cannot imagine how much I regret sending my son to this nursery.

I got so fed up with this nursery that I took time off work this summer to stay at home with my son. We are slowly trying to reverse the behavioural damage done to my son by this nursery. (He is now going to school which he loves.)

I can really go on with comments of what we experienced at this nursery.

I will say that there were a couple of really nice members of staff at the nursery, but they all left because they were not being paid much. Instead, only inexperienced cheap staff are there and those who could not get a job in any other nursery.


FoxesSitOnBoxes Sun 02-Oct-16 00:54:05

If you have genuine safeguarding concerns about a nursery then you need to report it to ofsted THEY ARENT MAGICALLY ALERTED WHEN SOMEONE USES CAPS LOCK ON MUMSNET

use789456123 Sun 02-Oct-16 16:10:30

FoxesSitOnBoxes - the only reason that I have not reported them to Ofsted is that my son no longer goes to this nursery. However, I do have genuine safeguarding concerns about this nursery.

FoxesSitOnBoxes Sun 02-Oct-16 22:29:28

So report them to ofsted. Or does it not matter now it's just other people's children?

user1470171842 Mon 03-Oct-16 09:26:21

It is not going to make a difference even if you do. The process is to complex and unfriendly. Plus, they let the nursery know well in advance when they visit. Giving them sufficient time to cover up!

user1470171842 Mon 03-Oct-16 09:29:13

And this review is for other parents to read before they put their child in such a place!

caramelgirl Mon 03-Oct-16 09:33:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

caramelgirl Mon 03-Oct-16 09:33:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sorenipples Mon 03-Oct-16 09:35:09

Thanks for posting. Anyone else have experiences to share?

devramya123 Mon 02-Jan-17 14:50:00

Hi, Thank you for your honest feedback. Can I have a chat with you? If you are okay to speak, can you email me on

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