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Pre-schools Royal Masonic, Pipers Corner...others?

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SweetieBelle Tue 02-Aug-16 19:49:57

Hi All,
I'm new here so bare with me smile
DD is turning 1 soon, so DH & I have started looking into pre-schools... So far we like Royal Masonic & Pipers Corner.... we are looking to move closer to whichever school we decide on.
So my questions....
1. Can anyone give me recent feedback on Royal Masonic and Pipers Corner?
2. Can anyone recommend any other schools which we may have overlooked... DH works in Watford, so area needs to be commutable.

we are looking at independent schools, not looking for a school which is too pushy academically, i know it may be a bit early to thinking that far ahead as she'll just be going into Pre-school...but we'd like a school she could possibly stay in until 11+ or even sixth form.

catINaHAT111 Sat 27-May-17 23:35:11

We visited Pipers corner recently and loved it. It's very far from us, but I think it would be perfect for our girls (4 and 7).
We have some good private schools only a few minutes from us, but PC stands out.
I hope you managed to find a place for your daughter that she loves. X

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