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Teacher overwhelmed by simple gift

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Mommym24 Fri 22-Jul-16 15:19:43

After reading a recent post about someone who spent an awful lot of money on their childs teachers gift and didn't get a thank you I was pleasantly surprised by the appreciation I received from my dd teacher. I only gave a card with thoughtful message but that's probably better than lots of 'stuff' don't you agree?

HSMMaCM Fri 22-Jul-16 15:47:21

I think it depends on the circumstances and what the teacher has done for the child. DD's Scottish maths teacher was moved to tears when DD gave her a can if irn bru as a thank you. Another teacher wouldn't have appreciated it half as much.

Mommym24 Fri 22-Jul-16 15:59:06

Yes I agree

insan1tyscartching Fri 22-Jul-16 16:00:41

Dd said her Art teacher got teary when she gave her a card she'd drawn and a box of malteasers she had bought with her own money. Dd is in secondary though so gifts are probably not as common and I know she had written quite a lot in the card so she was probably a bit touched. Her Art teacher has been great dd has progressed so much and dd has really appreciated it.

LadyPenelope68 Fri 22-Jul-16 16:06:58

Well as a teacher I've just sat in my classroom in the peace and quiet after all the children have gone. I've received some gorgeous and very thoughtful gifts, but the one thing that made me cry? The card from the parent of one child telling me that I had changed their son's life with the support I had given him, and thanking me for being there for him.

Mommym24 Fri 22-Jul-16 16:48:08

Ladypenelope that's very sweet and exactly what I mean

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