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Rising 3 advice

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VixtaT Thu 30-Jun-16 21:12:00

Hi, can someone explain how the rising 3 works ? My local primary is always over subscribed. My Dd was born in December 13 and so could potentially start in the jan term next year but looks like they have taken their quota for the year already. ( spoken with them , was advised no spaces available for jan , would need to go on a waiting list) . It therefore Appears that summer babies get the spaces when the sept term starts for popular schools when everyone moves up a year and everyone else misses out . That can't be right? Can someone please explain how the whole thing works .

LIZS Thu 30-Jun-16 21:18:36

In a school nursery it is normally only for the year prior to Reception . So for your dc it would be Sept 2017 unless a place becomes vacant mid year. Private nurseries and preschools tend to be more flexible and take them when the funding starts ie. Jan 2017 although they may ready have waiting lists.

insancerre Fri 01-Jul-16 06:32:01

Also, remember going to the school nursery does not mean your child will automatically get in the school
You could send her to any nursery or preschool that offers the funding or you cluhjcluhjld go on the waiting list but be prepared to waitg till September next year

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