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Nursery choices

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littlelen16 Thu 21-Apr-16 20:44:47

I've starting to look at nursery choices for my baby at the end of this year but there are so many to choose from! Does anyone have any tips/advice on what to look for in particular?

I'm based in Manchester and I have heard a lot about Just Childcare nurseries lately. They seem to have great feedback as well as an amazing menu - has anyone had any experiences with them?? Or is there any others you could recommend? Thanks smile

BackforGood Thu 21-Apr-16 20:59:45

I would suggest getting a list of options from your local Family Information Service (Google it, with name of your area), then looking at the practicalities of getting them there. (Do you want to be near home (I'd recommend) or near work.... can you park your car outside to drop off and pick up, or if you need to, is it walkable, etc.)

Then start ringing round and checking if they have baby rooms (a lot now don't), and you cold ask about costs then too. Also check if they are term time only or 52 week a year or somewhere in between (depending on what you need).
At this point you'll have a more manageable list to work with.
After that, if you are able, I'd visit several possibilities. I believe strongly in getting a "feel" for a place, which you can only do by visiting.

If the food menu is important to you - you could ask about that
Ask if the dc go out of the Nursery at all (I'd have thought that a good thing, but every now and then you see threads on here from parents who have got all upset at the idea).
Ask about times they are open (depending on what you need)
Get a clear picture of full costs across the year - what's included, and what you have to provide
Ask how they communicate with you.... many used to do home / nursery diaries or daily notes, but a lot are now moving to electronic systems such as Tapestry.

navitasharma Wed 11-May-16 12:51:43

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