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Tutoring/early learning classes under 4's

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satsumasilly1 Fri 05-Feb-16 16:20:32

Hi all
I would just like some feedback. I am a qualified teacher with many years experience teaching nursery and reception. I am thinking of running some Early years learning sessions (aged 2.5-4yrs) from my house where children can take part in fun activities designed to help prepare them for school or any assessments they may do. Do you think there is a market for this in north/north west London? If so, how much would you be prepared to pay for a 45 min session (each session would have max 5 children)?

strawberrybubblegum Sat 06-Feb-16 20:20:42

I'd be interested in that to prepare for private school selection - mainly due to paranoia worry about not letting DD down by not preparing her enough!

I'm in SW London rather than N or NW London. By the looks of some of the threads, entry to the north London selectives is REALLY competitive, and you might need some specialist knowledge of the selection process to be taken seriously by that crowd. It could potentially be very lucrative if you managed to get a good reputation in that space though!

For myself, I'd be happy with a generally strong, well-prepared and well-communicated educational slant. You being a teacher would count for a lot.

In order to do it for longer than a term just before the interviews, I'd need to be convinced that it provided something I can't. It would also have to be fun for DD!

Things that would appeal:
- a science/discovery slant. I know there are some classes in london that already that do that, like 'little house of science'
- age-appropriate themes each week/month like dinosaurs, the body, space etc
- Guidance and resources to do stuff with her myself through the week, building on your classes. (one class a week doesn't feel like enough to make a real educational difference - but having access to your knowledge to help me build on those classes would be invaluable)
- I'd want good communication, particularly about how DD was doing and what we should work on with her. I'd want to feel that you'd noticed where she was at during the lessons.
- timing of the lessons would be important to fit in with an already busy schedule including mornings/afternoons at preschool! A lot of parents work during the week, and can only do extra stuff at weekends. Ideally, offer different days/times including weekends and see what the uptake is.
- being allowed to do 'catch-up' classes is a real sweetener when it's possible, especially for expensive classes, and when it's pre-schoolers whose families aren't yet restricted to holidaying during school holidays!
- for pre-schoolers, I think the school holidays are a really under-used time. Most activities stop, and even some pre-schools do. Parents would snap up interesting things for their pre-schoolers to do during the holidays

In terms of what I would pay, probably up to about £15-20. Most activities near us (eg music, dance, gymnastics) are around £7-10. Specialist educational ones (eg group language lessons) are around £17-20. For the upper end of that, I'd probably only do it short term, or (much better) on an adhoc basis, especially if it was a holiday course.

Good luck, I think this would be a great thing to have available!

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