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Alphabet Flash Card Video

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StuartNorth Sat 28-Nov-15 16:43:50

Hi Mumsnet,

I created and uploaded a video to youtube last night to help my 20 month old daughter to learn the alphabet.

So far she has mastered A and B :-) C still eludes us but she does laugh when it arrives on the screen.

The video is silent so you can do the vocals in what ever silly voice works for your little ones.

I'll be creating similar videos for Colours, Shapes and Numbers, so please keep an eye out for new ones. I'd be hugely thankful if people wanted to subscribe to the channel.

Any suggestions for additional videos please let me know.

So if you would like to start working on the alphabet with your little one but don't have flash cards made yet, Here is the video

Alphabet Flash Card Video

Thanks for reading.


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