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North London prep schools- advice?

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angelpuffs Thu 15-Oct-15 09:40:01

Hello everyone
I'm new to mumsnet and would really appreciate some advice from people with experience of private schools for 4+ entry.
My May born DD will be due to enter school in sept 2017 at age 4 and we'd like to sit her for the assessments at NLCS, SHHS and Channing. We've applied to SHHS already, and looked at NLCS last week (and loved it). I know how hard all these schools are to get into, and initially I wanted to sit her for a back up school- we were thinking of Grimsdell. However we've decided that, instead of Grimsdell, the best thing would be to try for a small prep school which would be able to prepare her well for 7+ or 11+ entry to a good school, rather than her be at Mill Hill which is not great academically (so I've heard).
I'd love to hear opinions on any good prep schools that don't require the child to be registered from birth- I'm looking at St Christophers in Hampstead soon but don't like the idea of the staggered entry in reception and year 1 that they have there. Anyone know anything about Hampstead Hill school? I'm also looking at Norfolk house in Muswell hill but it's first come first served there, and non selective. It's so confusing! All advice would be welcomed.
Feel free to suggest anywhere else I haven't mentioned. We live in East Finchley so anywhere within reasonable distance of there.
Thanks xx

mintteaforme Sat 24-Oct-15 19:16:35

I've heard Hampstead Hill is excellent but have no direct experience of it myself. I attended St Chrisopher's years ago and went on to a very academic school thereafter, though what it's like today I couldn't say. What about Mulberry House?

brokenmouse Thu 05-Nov-15 20:29:16

Go and look at St. Margaret's in Kidderpore Avenue. Really nice small school which goes to 16 and is a lot less selective than the others.

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