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Apparently recent Inspector's report has marked Playgroup down as kids DO NOT have access to a computer!

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VoluptuaGoodshag Thu 30-Nov-06 14:21:36

FFS they are only 3 years old!!!! The whole point of going to these things is to teach them social interaction. The whole fecking country is going crazy because yoofs sit in front of PCs all day and don't play properly anymore but it's fecking policy somewhere to think that 3 year olds will be happy on a PC rather than all the other fun normal activities.

I am incensed by this and desperately trying to get a copy of the report so I can go on a crusade.

foxtrot Thu 30-Nov-06 17:30:29

have you tried the Ofsted website for a copy of the report?
Agree it does sound silly, but then my DCs have access to PC at home (when i'm not on MN LOL), not the case for all children, and it is a basic skill these days. Our pre-school doesn't have a computer BTW.

VoluptuaGoodshag Fri 01-Dec-06 15:21:18

It won't be available for another couple of months. Inspector was out only a couple of weeks ago - I jsut heard through the grapevine.

VoluptuaGoodshag Fri 01-Dec-06 15:24:08

And for more bureaucratic nonsense all Playleaders have to be registered i.e. - take a VQ level 4 despite them being playleaders for years. If none of them register (and due to their age they do not want to start studying now) the playgroup may have to close down. So the kids love it, the parents love it, the playleaders are very experienced, wonderful people who love being with the kids but because some tosser in a grey suit needs to tick a box to justify his existence, we may no longer have a playgroup - what happened to parent power!

foxtrottothefestivegrotto Fri 01-Dec-06 15:57:26

Ridiculous isn't it it?
Our pre-school now has to have a member of staff in a fluorescent jacket manning the gate and even they don't really know why!

glorybe Wed 13-Aug-08 22:47:38

Yes, ofsted are desperately keen on computer sessions at nurseries - absolutely pathetic isn't it. I'll join the crusade - makes me furious

mrz Fri 15-Aug-08 13:12:28

If it is true I would suggest the setting challenges it as having a computer isn't necessary.

"Does the EYFS require children to use computers?
There is no requirement in the EYFS to use computers, televisions, or any other specific form of technology. Rather, the EYFS says that children should have the chance to find out about everyday technology through their play as part of understanding the world around them. This might be through playing with electronic or programmable toys, or through exploring how a light switch works. One of the early learning goals is that children should find out about and identify the uses of everyday technology and use information and communication technology and programmable toys to support their learning. Practitioners are expected to support children to work towards the early learning goals at a pace that meets their individual needs. It is a matter of practitioners' professional judgement how and at what pace any individual child should be supported."

peanutbutterkid Mon 18-Aug-08 13:46:05

About the NVQ level 4, the point of them is to keep the staff up to date with revised perceptions of best practice, there is a valid reason for ongoing training.

Overmydeadbody Mon 18-Aug-08 13:48:57

as peanutbutterkid said, there is a reason they should all be properly trained, regardless of 'experience'.

Also, it is a pretty essentail life skill these days to be computer literate.

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