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nursery/preschool in/around *Didcot* Oxfordshire

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madeinchesterfield Fri 21-Aug-15 15:18:52

Hi, Mums.

We're moving to Didcot due to new jobs. My little girl Emily is nearly four years old, but she can't go to reception as a September girl, therefore I'm looking for a nursery or preschool suitable for her.

Emily has shown outstanding performance in literacy and arithmetic (she's in an excellent school-own nursery in Sheffield now), however her* social capability* needs some improvement as she is fundamentally a shy girl. Does anyone know somewhere good for her?

We prefer a place in/near Didcot, and with full time care capability.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

CookieDoughKid Tue 29-Sep-15 17:24:15

There are lots of private nurseries around. Really depends on your budget.

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