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What do your preschoolers draw?

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catkind Wed 29-Jul-15 19:10:53

Finding it curious that my 3 yr old keeps drawing the same pictures over and over. It's always "A Sunny Day", "Our House" or "A Playground"
and each of them is pretty much fixed in content. If A House in particular goes wrong in the slightest from plan it needs to be started again from scratch, so it often needs drawing 3 or 4 times over till it's right.

Is this a quirk, or is this normal preschooler drawing? My previous preschooler wouldn't draw at all, so I don't know! What are your preschoolers' favourite things to draw?

MiaowTheCat Thu 06-Aug-15 13:56:30

Fairly normal - it's smiley faces with DD1 at the moment and kisses (she's just discovered that use for the letter X). When they start to figure out writing you'll find loads of them love putting their friends' names under the smiley face as if it's the whiteboard at school.

Then I had a class of Y6 kids who would spend every. bloody. breaktime. drawing as many little stick men as they could fit onto any scrap of paper possible to see who could get the biggest stick man army... this went on for months!

catkind Thu 06-Aug-15 14:06:30

Aw, kisses. x

Oh yes, A House has to have the right number of windows with smiley faces in. (That does vary a bit as sometimes granny's visiting!). No names yet.

The stick men armies sound hilarious! Funny the crazes that go around at primary school.

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