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Changing my mind about preschool

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Jellyboobs Fri 26-Jun-15 01:09:46

Please be gentle on a frayed old mother.

I applied for dd to go to the local school nursery, starting this September. Then, last September I got accepted into a short course and she started going to a preschool further down the road.
Roll on May this year and I gets letter from the school nursery saying she has a place, and they need to know within 5 days if she wants it.
I dithered and wobbled and finally decided no, she wasn't moving, handed in my form before running back in to change my mind.
Since then I have found there will be a uniform, lots of prayers, the original nursery teacher has left and a new woman has come in, and I think I want her dd to go back to her original nursery.

If you're still following, well done.

Am I mad? How can I know I've made the right decision? What do I do?

Jellyboobs Fri 26-Jun-15 02:07:58

To be clear, the uniform is a new thing, and I hadn't heard about the new nursery head until the parents evening.

catkind Sun 05-Jul-15 10:14:17

Confused. So she's currently signed up to move to the school nursery? But they've changed it to having uniform/prayers and a new teacher now you're thinking you'd like her not to move? Have I got that right? Have I got any of that the right way round?

Firstly, don't worry about what you put on any forms, you're allowed to change your mind, particularly if they've changed things.

Are there any plus points for the school nursery? Cos at the moment it sounds like a no-brainer to keep her where she is.

Fugghetaboutit Sun 05-Jul-15 10:16:07

If she's happy and settled in her current one, why move her? Is it just because it's closer?

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