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Preschool Reviews and other queries

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supermomoftwins Wed 24-Jun-15 18:33:22

Hello Moms,
We have recently moved to Hither Green (for the matter of fact UK) and finding it very difficult to decide what option to go for education-wise for our twin girls who turned 3 this year confused. They have secured a place in Newstead preschool learning alliance and Brindish Green for sept 2015 session. It will be very helpful if we can get some reviews around these and also references to other schools we can apply for this year or for next year. We are flexible to move around if we have to in order to secure a place.
Any advice around children schools and education would be very helpful aswell smile
Thanks in advance!

Littlefish Sun 28-Jun-15 00:08:17

You might get more replies if you re-post this, but putting the geographical area into the title.

I can help with general questions about English education systems and pre-schools, but don't know the area you are talking about.

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