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New Buisness idea - want feedback and opinions!

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BethHonour Thu 11-Jun-15 19:58:59

IM currently a level 3 qualified nursery nurse, working full time in a busy preschool. I've always dreamed of having my own Buisness one day, and have been wondering of one for some time, but before I even begin to properly look into it all - I wondered if you lovely people would help!

So, loosely, my idea was to be a portable activity session. I would offer different types of sessions, to different ages, and all be developmental appropriate, as I have a sound EYFS and child development knowledge. I was thinking to run sessions in different settings, such as nurseries, playgroups, playgyms, reception classes (possibly key stage 1 too).

A few ideas for sessions I had were:
.music time
.specific art sessions, such as takin canvas' to paint, making our own puppets etc
.sport sessions - such as a mini sports day

They were just a few I thought of. Different sessions would run for different period of times.

What I wanted to ask was -
1. Do you have any ideas for sessions I could run
2. If you are a parent - would you take your child to a playgym/library/church hall for these sessions
3. If you work in a child care setting - would you pay for this type of thing?
4. How much would you pay
5. How often would you use/attend - such as once a week, month or just occasionally

Thank you!

RedandYellow24 Thu 11-Jun-15 20:04:58

These already exist. Private nursery do hire in teachers with specific skills such as music movement dance but these are for children there. Doubt if any nursery a would have spare room to hire out in the day. But these would be for skills above and beyond normal Early years anyone can do it type. Unless you are provide expensive equipment for hire then no you wouldn't pay extra for what you normally expect staff to do.
Messy play and singing parent type playgroups also already run, it would depend where you are as to how much parents are willing to pay. Plenty of parents go to this but would be specific to how saturated your area is.
Sorry I'm not more positive!

RedandYellow24 Thu 11-Jun-15 20:09:02

I used to work in private nursery we offer optional extras like French and drama but it was difficult as only the children who paid extra could join in. So in a small hall could be difficult to separate the children or provide quiet for the teacher while amusing the other children who didn't pay or where to young to take part.

BackforGood Thu 11-Jun-15 23:56:08

What are you offering different from the gym classes, music classes, etc that already run ?
What are you offering different from stay and play groups ?
What are you offering different from what is already put on at your local libraries or your local CCs ?

I know some Nurseries bring in people for certain sessions - but I think most have realised you have to charge higher fees and include everyone in the "enhancement" activities, or they don't have the staff or the space to split the room into those doing it and those that aren't - I know of people teaching French, Yoga, and music sessions that I can think of, off the top of my head, but they are all in very well heeled areas, not in most of the nurseries I visit.

flashbunny73 Sat 04-Jul-15 22:11:00

We have a special music teacher come to our nursery once a fortnight who is very good and super cheap (£10 per hour!!). We did have a lady do dance lessons but she wanted £25 for an hour and we couldnt afford that (we only have 5-6 children per day and we couldnt ask parents to pay extra for it). She gave up doing the classes due to lack of interest. That said I would pay for a dance / tumble tots type class for my DS if there was one near us.

Fgeeky75 Fri 10-Jul-15 23:57:50

I work in a local authority school nursery and we have various people coming in to do a variety of activities with the children, however, they are usually funded by the local authority such as Kodaly music or mini movers. We frequently receive flyers about art classes etc, however they are always quite expensive & when we ask parents they are not interested & our budget doesn't stretch that far.
As a parent I enjoyed taking my children to tumble tots in the local hall & bookworm song time in the local library.

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