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Eyfs pre school assessment at age 4

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Mummify Tue 09-Jun-15 22:39:56

I am trying not to be upset about this but am failing miserably. Went to dds preschool for parents eve. Dd is just 4 and starting school in sept. Key worker gave me her booklet of evidence and eyfs assessment document (which apparently goes to school with her in sept) to read and sign. On the latter there is an assessment of how she is doing in key areas (personal and social education, maths, literacy etc) with examples of what she can do, then an age range at which she is performing in. All the age ranges were 24 to 36 months and she is 48 months old. I was shocked as I thought she was doing ok for her age ( toilet trained, can dress herself, good at sharing with her siblings, counts to 20, can write her name etc) and the preschool hasn't mentioned this during the last year at all. Had always said she is doing fine.
I asked her key worker about it and she said that because dd is very shy the keyworker can not get the evidence she needs for the 'observations', but that actually she knows she is doing ok and she has no concerns.
So I am upset as I feel like I haven't been supporting her enough to be at a suitable standard for school, and upset because I am being asked to sign something which isn't an accurate reflection of how she is doing.
Please can someone help me - does this matter? I didn't sign the document, should I even though I don't think it is accurate? What can I do to help my daughter more?
Many thanks

NannyNim Tue 09-Jun-15 22:54:33

I'm in a similar position with the LO I look after although he's only 2. His report may well be a reflection of how he "performs" at nursery but it couldn't be more different to how he is at home.

The report, as I understand it should be a collaboration with the parents. Can you ask if you can provide some evidence of some of you DD's achievements, such as photos or home videos? Ask what they're doing to help her overcome her shyness. If this is going to school then it really should be accurate or at the very least acknowledge that due to shyness it has been difficult to collect evidence.

Just from what you've said there your DD sounds like she's doing just fine and I'm sure the school will see that she's working well above the level of a 2.5yr old!

ChablisTyrant Tue 09-Jun-15 22:57:44

I'd ignore it. Ours says our child knows numbers to five and recognises some letters. She can count and recognise numbers to 20 and is learning to read at home with me! Make a list of what your child can do to give to the teacher in reception.

teaandcakesagoodmummakes Tue 09-Jun-15 23:10:41

I am a preschool key worker and I would suggest speaking to the pre school manager. I have a very shy child I look after but have still managed to observe and collect evidence. We are under pressure to assess children accurately and to only put them in a band if we are 100% confident they are meeting all of the statements consistently. If she can do the things you say she should be at least a 30-50 if not 40-60 months, especially for literacy for example if she is writing her name. I would address this with somebody more senior. I wouldn't worry too much though, reception will do their own baseline assessments when she starts and get an accurate picture if what she is able to do. smile

Barbeasty Wed 10-Jun-15 08:01:06

You should be able to comment on it as well as sign it. I'd maybe write on there the things she does at home but hasn't demonstrated at nursery. Then the teacher knows that a) she can be shy around adults and not always show what she can do and b) to push her a bit harder to see her do these things or to assess her without DD realising when she does her baseline.

Mummify Thu 11-Jun-15 20:16:54

Thank you so much for your responses. I went and spoke to the nursery manager and she then spoke to all the rest of the staff. Apparently my dd is less shy with them as they all had bits to add in which she had 'proved' she could do. I think the manager was under pressure to provide exact evidence and date of all the lines in the eyfs document - don't know if that is necessary but that's what she said. However I think she could have gathered the 'evidence' from other staff before presenting it to me for signature! All is ok now and I have calmed down also. Thank you for your kind words, and helpful suggestions it really helped me feel better and enabled to tackle it with the nursery.

Mummify Thu 11-Jun-15 20:18:40

Oh I forgot to say, with a few statements she asked me if I had seen dd do them, and if I had she highlighted the evidence and put 'mum' against it.

21pc Sun 14-Jun-15 19:33:05

I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm a reception teacher and I read pre school reports but I also make my own judgements from my observations and time with the child. I certaintly don't rely on them too heavily because of the discrepancy between settings which my children come from

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