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Does it get better??

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WhinersAreWeners Wed 08-Apr-15 19:27:42

DD started pre school a few weeks before the easter hols. Up until then, she's been at home with me mon-thurs. I work from home but go in to the office on a Friday and that day she stays with my mum on the morning, then DH finishes work at one.
She's always done play groups, swimming, music bugs etc. has lots of friends. Very social, outgoing, makes friends with kids everytime we leave the house. Loves adults too and great at conversing.
I thought there may be a little cry when she had to go in to pre school without me but seriously, all hell broke loose! She went for 3 weeks twice a week for and broke her heart each time. She settled within half an hour and they text to say she's ok. But each time I go to pick her up she's tearful and there's been multiple things that have upset her and made her want me when she's been there.
She's now saying she doesn't ever want to go back. Gets tearful at even the smallest mention of it and keeps bringing it up of her own accord 'I'm not going to nursery today am I?' She seems really worried about it. She's also lost confidence. Won't stay with my mum, crying lots, won't go off to play at groups or soft play. Panics the second she can't see me?

Please someone say they had a child like this and it improved? I'm now starting to feel sick at the thought of her going back next week. Seriously considering talking to dh about leaving her until September, but I know he'll disagree and at the bottom of me Id rather not do that either.... Help!!

Parisbanana Fri 10-Apr-15 19:41:40

How old is she? Does she HAVE to attend? Do you need the childcare?
I work in a preschool. This has happened on numerous occasions. Some, strangely, return after a holiday and miraculously act like they've always loved it, without a backward glance.
Others don't, and defer their place, returning some months later. And settle no problem (I can't remember anyone who returned NOT settling)
Some just decide, okay nothing wrong with the place but not the right fit for my child and just start again at home, maybe go elsewhere at a later date, or just keep them home until compulsory school.
HTH and good luck ��

Nigglenaggle Fri 10-Apr-15 21:18:54

If you can take her out, do it. She doesn't sound ready sad

Sadie44 Mon 11-May-15 12:58:42

Is there an update on your little one? Your post sounds exactly like my current situation. We are in week three doing 2 morning per week. He not only gets upset as I leave him at preschool, he cries every morning not wanting to leave the house stating "no preschool mummy" whenever we go anywhere. It's so upsetting for me too, I feel it's ruining my usually confident happy little boy �� help! X

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